Thursday, October 23, 2014



Plank 1 min
20 mountain climbers
Ring support 1 min
20 ring dips
KB bottom of squat 1 min
20 slow goblet squats
GHD back extension hold 1 min
20 GHD back extensions

Accumulate 3 min of hollow hold

Post your results to the comments.


  1. Good Morning. I hope everyone is having a great week. Friday is almost here...........YEA!!!

    I'm looking forward to another awesome 5:00am workout!! Keep up the great work!

    Great article Amy. :-)

    Good Lookin bear crawls......Jolynn and Charmaine

    Remember Strong Starts Here!

  2. Fun working out with the 5am class this morning! Thanks for an awesome wod Jason!
    26lb kb, thin green band for ring work, back extensions felt great, DB overhead hold and DB presses instead of plank and mountain climbers

  3. It was a great 5:00am MOD WOD thanks Jason.

    Amy it is always great seeing you too and Thanks again for my MOD WOD. :-)

    1. I'm going to be laying some brick in my back yard today. So I am going to try to come for YOGA tonight. I'm sure I will need it after my Brick Work...........haaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  4. Great article Amy.
    Quality work completed - 45#KB.

  5. WOD - yoga

    Throughout afternoon completed
    5 rounds of 20 GHD back extensions and sit ups, then my CTB pull ups and ring dips 9/7/6/7/9