Sunday, October 5, 2014

Truth Hill Farm will be taking orders for a drop off this Saturday, October 11 at 10:15am at the box.
If you are interested in grass fed beef, farm raised chickens, lamb, and pork, and farm fresh eggs check out their website HERE to place an order.
You will need to be at CFNM at 10:15am to pick up your order and pay for it. We cannot store orders in the freezer at the box.


  1. I put in my order. Thanks for arranging this....i already feel stronger and faster. By the way, last week was my first 5 wod week since, well, whothehellknows....triceps finally feel normal after last Monday's tabata fun. Looking forward to this week's benchmark wods!

    1. Great job on the 5 wod week! Nice to be seeing more of you!

  2. Good Morning! Have a great Sunday everyone. Make sure you get some active recovery in. See y'all Monday :)

  3. 9.65 mi jog in 80:04 = 8:18 pace. There were a a few Asa & Bob sightings along the way. That's the furthest I've ever run. Ready to get this 1/2 over with so I can go back to being hung over and lazy on Sunday mornings.

  4. Great run/walk! Thanks for your inspirational speed. Thanks Bob for the great company.
    8.7 ish? Run/walk

    No pain. Felt great!