Friday, November 21, 2014

Who wants to take a guess at what Christina is looking at below her?

"Jason C" WOD

Part I
3 min AMRAP

rest:  1 minutes

Part II
5 rounds for time:
1 squat clean (95/65)
2 thrusters
3 front squats
4 jerks

Post Comments below and let Jason C know how you liked it!


  1. Sorry I'm gonna miss it, but I have to take a rest day. I haven't had one since last Friday & I doubled up on a couple of days. #oldasshit

  2. My guess is it's Jay stretching & moaning.

    My shoulders think you are an asshole, Jason C.! There's a Part 0 Tabata of HPC & PP before the listed WOD, everyone.

  3. THAT looks so awesome! I want to be able to do that wod!!!!!!!!!! ::::sobbing:::::: #stupidfrickinarm And............ Im still holding on to the walls to sit down thanks to the wod jason gave me to do at home the other day. ha. Hope to be there tomorrow making someone modify stuff for me. haha.

  4. Dang it Jason!! I missed a good one!

  5. working out with Kristi is fun! She and Charmaine are encouraging!

  6. Jason - loved the wod. Tabata 10/10, 44 burpees, 5 rounds complex 3:53Rx.

  7. It was a great WOD today Jason!! I enjoyed working out today with Kate and Charmaine pushing us the whole way!! Thanks Ladies! :-)

    Not sure what Christina is "smiling" at.......maybe she is thinking of the Margarita is is going to have when she is done!! :-)

  8. this was one of my favorite wods in a body couldn't stop sweating. I had 10/10 tabata n 45 burpees eeeek. my time was 9:55. I finished lol