Tuesday, November 4, 2014

What are you bringing to the Potluck this Friday? Max out on a lift and pick a hero or benchmark wod! Sign up on the whiteboard!
15 min to find max C&J
Endurance/skill work
Even: 3 ring dips
Odd: 5 med ball cleans
Deadlifts 225/155
50ft handstand walk between each round (or 100ft bear crawl)
Optional- check the board!


  1. 190# C&J. Never maxed before, so I guess that makes it a PR. Got 205# in good position, but couldn't get it off bottom. 225# DL & bear crawls. 7:06.
    Positive, strong Tuesday everyone!

  2. Managed to get #105 on the split jerk (with the squat clean, george! wooot) kind of proud of that. #155 on dl, and did handstand walks one round. Bear crawled the rest because I didn't want to keep everyone there all day. Going to the doctors today to get this arm looked at and hopefully an mri soon, so we can get it healed, asap.

  3. Maxed out at 115# on clean and jerks with squat clean.
    I got 6:29 RX on WOD.
    Got 10 rounds of 10 goble squats with 45# KB.