Friday, November 7, 2014

We will be having a Potluck reception tomorrow at CFNM, after the service for Amelia.  We hope everyone can come!!  Sign up sheet on the white board.

Saturday Classes are CANCELLED.

For time:
100 double-unders
21 front squats 115/75
21 push presses 115/75
100 double-unders
15 front squats
15 push presses
100 double-unders
9 front squats
9 push presses

Check the board for optional.


  1. Holy crap. That's a WOD! Hope I have enough curse words saved up to complete 300DU. Thanks programmers.

  2. Hi All,

    Reminder -- The potluck is canceled for tonight. Also, the Saturday classes are canceled as well as many of us will be attending the memorial service. Thanks.

    Looks like a fun WOD. Make sure you get in here today and get your WOD on - post your results on the blog.

  3. 8:59 #45/double unders

    Still taking it easy on the ankle.
    Great WOD.

  4. 18:48 65# / single will be so much easier when I can do these DUs.

    Yesterday - had some really helpful coaching from Coach Jason. Thanks buddy! Really helped with the 105# C&J and the pull ups.

  5. 12:18 RX. It always feels so much harder in the mornings.

    1. That's what she said! Sorry, Angela. I couldn't resist.

      Angela is a badass. I won't state my time, but it was 8:27 SLOWER than hers. Otherwise, I would have felt OK about it as I took on a major weakness (DU), and almost finished before the cap.

    2. Travis you are a crazy man. LOL. Fun class.

    3. �������� @ Travis!!

  6. I finished in 14:26 with 65# and singles. I would've been there all day had I done double unders. Great WOD!