Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Don't be a Silly Monkey!  Be a Silly Turkey...
And Plan on Making it to our
3rd Annual Turkey WOD!!
(Bring Friends and Family and some Canned Foods)
Holiday Schedule:
Mon thru Wed- Regular Classes
Thursday- CLOSED except for One FREE Turkey WOD at 8am
Friday- CLOSED except for 9am and Noon
Saturday- 8:30am
6 min EMOM
Even - 3 Clean & Jerk (70%)
Odd - 30 sec Clean Pulls max reps, same weight
8 min EMOM
Even - 30 sec mountain climbers
Odd - 30 sec flutter kicks

Death by Back Squat (95/65)
(modify with goblet squats)


  1. Is that the cutest smile you've ever seen? My little monkey at Padre Island this summer.

    Let us know how far you get on the back squats today!

  2. Gotta love the death by WODS. 18 rounds + 12 reps = Jello legs!
    Let's see some of you beasts get thru 20 rounds. How hard could it be? It's only 65# / 95#. Ha!


    1. 9am and noon class did great today: Karen 15Rx, Tim 15+10Rx, Jose 12+8Rx; Shaun 14+2Rx.

  3. Grey workout. I'm looking forward to this one.

    Great job 5-am'ers and 545-am'ers! We had one make it to min 18 (up to 19 reps)! Let's see if anyone can match that.

  4. Wod - Endurance - Death by backquat 20Rx.

  5. Damn, girl. That's awesome! I have to ask, though... You couldn't even get 1 squat in the 21st minute? What's up with that?

  6. Well, of course I could. Honestly though I somehow had a 20 min cap on the brain for doing this Wod and so I told myself to just get there...next time I need to pay more attention - program my brain to "reps to absolute failure".

    1. That's awesome. My legs were gone in the 19th round and I only got 16 of the 19 because one of the squats I didn't count because it wasn't full depth. That was hard.

    2. I was teasing you Charmaine. I know you could have. That, and I wanted to make sure the rounds + reps was the correct way to score it. Gonna be pissed if I went to complete failure in the last round for nothing. Good job, ladies. Great workout

  7. I love that precious little "smile"!!!

    Kay and I did Death by Dead Lift. I finished 20 but was only doing 65#. Should of gone heavier!

    Have a great evening! :-)