Saturday, November 1, 2014

FREE WOD at 8:30am
15 min AMRAP
Run 200m
40 "gobble" squats
40 kettlebell swings
40 push ups
40 sit ups
Dont' drop the baby! In teams of 2, one person working at a time. Someone must hold the kettlebell at all times. If it drops on the floor, both partners must complete 10 burpees before resuming the workout!


November kicks off our "Gobble Squat" Challenge! Get a partner and accumulate 50,000lbs of squats!
Here is the simple breakdown:
50,000lbs/30 days/2 people= 833lbs per day
833lbs/26lb kettlebell= 32 reps per person per day
Make sense? If you and your partner each perform 32 gobble squats each day with a 26lb kettlebell for all 30 days in November, you will have squatted 50,000lbs. You can do more reps each day, you can use a heavier or lighter kettle bell. It’s your choice! You and your partner check the math and make sure you accumulate 50,000lbs!
What do you get for completing this challenge?
Stronger legs!
A better squat!
Increased squat mobility!
Sense of accomplishment!
What more do you need?


  1. Can't wait to gobble squat!!! Looking forward to his WOD today too. Hope to see everyone there.

  2. Looked like a fun wod! Big turn out this morning!
    Have a great weekend everyone!

  3. who wants to be my gobble squat partner?
    jenn G