Thursday, November 13, 2014

TBT (I think this means Throw Back Thursday? Ha!)  This is from Dec 24, 2013...

FREE Workout today at 7:30 pm!!
Be sure and bring a friend!  It'll help warm the place up :)

20 min AMRAP
Teams of Two
Run 400m
21 KB swings
12 situps


  1. Yay! nice and warm in there today! And riding the bike and rowing (Bob) made that 20 minutes feel like forever! LOL Great workout, especially since its been 9 days! eeek!!! Imma feel it tomorrow! Bob and I made 4 full rounds and the row/bike #squatsaremyfriend

  2. I got 5 rounds this morning. Glad Karen & Bob showed up so I didn't have to do it by myself! Only 1,250# on my goblet squats so far today, but I'm not finished yet!

  3. Go run outside, you bunch of weenies.

  4. Team CharNic (Charmaine and Nicole) did 5 rounds + 130m row. Fun wod!

  5. Team Rod Kingz did 5 rounds plus the row and 15 KB swings RX. Oh and this dude took a shot to the back with his jump rope.

  6. Team Double A - tack ( Ashley and Angela) did 5 rounds+ 2 min Airdyne and 28 reps. I did Toes 2 bar instead of sit ups to work on getting better at toes to bar.

  7. I slept in.....again.