Monday, November 3, 2014

We will offer 4 days to max out on the snatch and C&J this week (Mon-Thurs). Please only max out once. On the other days perform the Endurance/skill work.
Each Monday for 5 weeks we will perform one of the 2014 Open wods. Great way to see your progress!

15 min to find max snatch

Endurance/skill work
EMOM 10 min:
Even 3 CTB pull ups
Odd: 10 KBS

Open WOD 14.1
AMRAP 10 min:
30 double unders
15 power snatches 75/55

Compare to February 28, 2014.

Post your results to the comments.

Optional-check the board!

Have you started the November Gobble Squat Challenge?
Have you signed up for this Friday's Community Potluck/WOD?

Check out details for both events on the Events page.


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  2. Maxed out ar 80# on the snatch, which was veey difficult for me. Thanks for your help Jason.
    I got 3 RX on the WOD. I wanna be like Carmen on those DUs! I was going to do singles to get more rounds in but I decided to challenge myself. It was definitely challenging. I did the optional with 35# kb and got some goble squats in before Jason kicked me out. :-(
    What a great day of Crossfit!

    1. No kidding. Watching Carmen do DU is like watching Michael Jordan play basketball - effortless. Watching me do DU, on the other hand, is like watching Chris Farley dance with Patrick Swayze on SNL - messy.
      WOD: 4 rounds Rx, plus some extra stuff. It was a tough ten minutes, for sure!

  3. Happy Birthday Cynthia! Hope you are having a wonderful day!

  4. Strenght = 63# max snatch. Felt like I could bring up more weight (thanks to Coach Jason for reminding me to extend the hips) but I struggled with the OHS part.

    WOD = 58#, 3 + 90 (SU) + 1. Minor moral victory.....first time in what seems like 6 months that I did more than the female prescribed weight. Tired of getting my ass kicked by the pregnant girls......

    1. Oh yeah, forgot 26# / 26# KB lunges for 200 feet + 64 gobble squats (26#kb).

  5. PR 115# Snatch, I really stink at those!

    Open 14.1 RX w/Doubles 4+1


  6. Saw some awesome PRs today in snatch - Caine and Shaun 155#; Angela 120#. Great job guys!