Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Are these some Crazy Socks?!?!
ALSO, don't forget this Saturday Christmas Party!

Here is your Holiday Resource Guide! to continue getting you through the rest of the year!!
If you have seen me post this the last few days, and you have been benefitting from it then we have more for you... 

Can't figure out what to buy that special someone?  No better gift than the gift of fitness!
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20 min to find 1 RM Snatch or Clean & Jerk
-if you missed Monday or Tuesday or if you want to refine your technique
12 sets of 12 reps of strict ring rows
-focus on perfect form with chest through the rings and no kipping
OHS Hold
Snatch position press (from the bottom of the squat)
High Hang Snatch
All with 45/33# bar or PVC for beginners


  1. Lots of whining this morning (me included). My shoulders hurt. Whaaaa...

  2. I thought I PR'd #215 today on the clean and jerk but it was the same as my last one. However the form was a lot better and it was easier. I'm sure if I had more time I could've got it. Tabata on the other hand? It still sucks!!

  3. That Tabata was extremely hard! Loved it :)

  4. Endurance - tabata fun - the squat press kicked my ass - Reality check - must mobilize more.
    4:30pm class - Jay, Nick, Anthony, Jenna and Amanda - y'all did a great job!