Tuesday, December 2, 2014

You Got a Pass for Thanksgiving, but now are you READY to GET SERIOUS! 
Here is your Holiday Resource Guide! to get you through the rest of the year!!

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Sally Up KB Goblet squats

Tabata Tuesday!

Snatch position Strict press
Snatch position Jerk
Snatch Balance
Overhead squat


  1. Happy Tuesday!!

    Now that is a good looking group of CF athletes!!!

    Make it a great day!

    1. Great pic! Thanks Shaun with Hostage Media.

  2. Asa makes fun of my gigantic head and narrow shoulders. Maybe a few more of these WODS will help. Hoping he can move on and start making fun of my love handles or man boobs... something else. I don't care what.

  3. I only make fun of the qualities I like about you Travis :)

    Great job 5am and 545am!
    I enjoyed Sally Up with both classes (25# KB)
    and Tabata with both classes (PVC)

  4. Happy Birthday to Carmen Thompson. Carmen is a new mom as of yesterday. We hope you are enjoying your very special day!