Saturday, December 6, 2014

What are they laughing about?

December is here!  The first 25 people to post a comment saying they are ready to get serious about their diet and committed to training consistently will receive a prize :) 
Here is your Holiday Resource Guide! to get you through the rest of the year!!
If you have seen me post this the last few days, and you have been benefitting from it then we have more for you... 
Here is Holiday Resource Guide PART II

ALSO, do you have a friend you can't convince to try CrossFit?  Well here is your chance with our BLACK FRIDAY sale!  Click here to purchase your friend a gift card:  GIFT CARD!



  1. Good Morning.

    I'm looking forward to getting my Saturday going with a great wod this morning. Remembering to drink lots of water through out the day and eating healthy will help carry us through the stressful holiday season!!!

    Remember....."Nothing Tastes as Good as Eating Healthy,Feeling Stronger and Being Leaner Feels"!!!!

    Make It Happen!! We got this!!

  2. Great 8:30 WOD today.....Thanks Asa.

    Don't forget the Christmas party on Sat Dec 13th.. Sign up to bring your favorite paleo dish and a Toy!! It will be a fun time!!

    Have a great day.

  3. Thanks for the Cindy push, Shaun. Always a good workout when you PR!

  4. If you ever want to feel inadequate, do Cindy next to Travis and Shaun......wait, that doesn't sound right. Anyway, you two were impressive this morning. I'm gonna catch up to you guys in 2015!