Thursday, January 29, 2015

Wk 1, Day 5

"By consuming so much sugar we are not just demonstrating weak willpower and indulging our sweet tooth—we are in fact poisoning ourselves according to a group of doctors, nutritionists and biologists..." Read More.

Workout of the Day (WOD)
For Quality (and Strength):
Find your 1 RM Squat Clean & 1 RM Power Clean
(if you missed last Thursday, then you can find your 1 RM Front Squat)
3 Rounds:
20 Double unders or attempts
3 Rope climbs or 6 attempts working on your footing
10 Muscle Up progressions


  1. Good morning CF family! Feeling good and hunger free (almost). Looking forward to today's WOD.
    Team Dedication

    1. B- 4 boiled eggs, half a sweet potato, turkey suasage patty, 2 bacon strips, and banana.

      L- leftovers ribeye, half a sweet potato, broccoli, and cauliflower.

      S- Apple

      D- scrambled eggs with turkey and kale.

      S- almonds


  2. Day 5. Lunch and dinner are already made (leftovers). Going for a morning run before enjoying a healthy breakfast. Team DEDICATION!

  3. Go Team Strong.....really enjoying all the posts. Drink lots of water today and I will see you guys tomorrow.

  4. Good Morning.....

    I got 6.5hours of sleep last night. I am working towards one of my goals of more sleep!!

    Looking forward to another day of eating Paleo/Zone.

    Go Team Strong!

    Strong Starts Here!!!!

    1. I just got around 8.5 to 9 hours of sleep. I need this everyday! - Asa

      Team Strong!

  5. Missed my post yesterday! Sorry Team Determined! I'll be better today.

    Last night's WOD absolutely kicked me squarely in the butt. I'm sore this morning, but it's a good thing. Also, I got to work today and our principal and tech guy have made pancakes for the faculty. I keep telling myself in my head, "Resist the pancakes. Resist the pancakes. You are stronger than pancakes." HAHA!

    Make it a great day everyone!


  6. No PRs today, but got a lot of good skill work in. A little more practice & the PRs will come. Digging the MU transitions on the high rings. Thanks coach Brandon & it was nice seeing Charmaine's still alive.

  7. If you like blueberries and almond butter, try mixing them together when you eat them. So good! Team Determined!

  8. Good WOD this morning! I got more rope climbs completed today.

    B: two pork sausage patties, sweet potatoe, paleo pancakes, strawberries/melon, and water!

    Looking forward to another healthy eating day! #teamDEDICATION

  9. Team Strong - 39 (100% participation)
    Team Dedication - 38 (100% participation)
    Team Determined - 33 (there is a long road ahead, so find a time to post everyday and stick with it! you guys are awesome!)

    Great Job to everyone!! Looking forward to more recipes, great ideas on pushing through as the challenge goes on, ask questions!

    "Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time."
    - Thomas A. Edison

    1. Woohoo! Go Team Strong!!

      Let's keep it up!

  10. Good morning,
    Had my breakfast this morning feeling fueled.
    2 eggs over medium.spinach,and sweet poatoes with a banana on the side!!!
    Ready for today's WOD :)

    Team Dedication all the way!!!!

  11. Awesome workout this morning! First rope climb ever...most made it to the top! 3 double unders...another first. #teamdedication

    1. You are Rockin'!! Sorry I missed the early AMer's this morning!!!

      Stay Dedicated!!

  12. Was in a hurry this morning, and had no time to prepare a fancier breakfast.
    Breakfast of champions: Banana smoothie: ( Almond milk, almond butter ,and banana with a dash of cinnamon)


  13. Day 5 and I am still eating clean, love spinach!! It's about one day at a time!!

    1. Awesome! And you have that so right ONE DAY AT A TIME!!

      Team Strong!!
      - Asa

  14. Paleo pimpin


  15. Sitting here waiting to get my DL renewed and good thing for my clean eating, increased energy and improved focus. All I can say is wow!!! Now really looking forward to this WOD

    Strong starts here!

  16. Interesting article -we all should make a conscious effort to eat less sugar. Do not become a victim of sugar disease.
    Team Determined to the end!

  17. Today was a challenge since I was driving around checking on schools. But I persevered and ate my snacks/lunch that was prepared ahead of time.

    Team Determined (to look like Beyoncé in 8 weeks) <-------- My new signature (:

  18. Day #5 lets get it teams.

  19. Day #5 feeling great ready for a good WOD. I'm so grateful to have such an awesome team.

  20. I'm going to dinner tonight where they will be serving pizza...pray for me.

    I'm filing up on an omelet filled with ground turkey, kale and mushrooms!

    I will stay STRONG!!

  21. Gave myself a rest today- no WOD. But Im going to "SallyUp" this evening. Not sure why I like this intense 3 1/2 minute squat workout, but I do!!! It hurts so good. Go Team Strong.

  22. Another great day of clean Paleo! I missed my WOD this morning. I'll definitely be there tomorrow!! Feeling lighter…can't wait for the workouts to reflect that! #TEAMSTRONG

  23. Taking a rest day today and still eating clean. Team Determined!!!

  24. Today was definitely a tough day for me. I haven't slept well the past 2 nights so I was very irritable and not being able to "fix it" with some of my go-to comfort foods (sugar!) made it even worse. I'm better now, though! Hopefully my body is exhausted enough to let me get some decent rest tonight.

  25. Today was great. Nice clean eating day. Steak and sautéed veggies for lunch and it was delicious.

  26. clean work today!#120
    3 eggs and spinach for breakfast
    salad with eggs for lunch
    apples and almond b for snack
    bunless burger with broccoli dinner
    success! TEAM STRONG!!!!
    jenn g

    1. Great Job Jennifer. I know your killing it at the box too!

      Team Strong!!!

      Strong Starts Here

  27. Holding true to my commitments. Glad my coach was there to see it!!!
    Glad you r back Charmaine!!

  28. Breakfast : Paleo pancakes with bacon
    Lunch: Steak with salad
    Dinner: Scrambled eggs with tomato and onions.

  29. Day 5 overall a good day, no PRs : ( but I have to say I gave up before I even tried I need to find a way to stop being so mentally weak. I'm still going paleo strong. . . Team dedication!!

  30. For dinner I ate chicken and zucchini mixed with other veggies. It was amazing. Now I'm thinking about what im going to cook for breakfast.


  31. Team strong!...paleo all day long!

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  33. I felt pretty tired and groggy. Breakfast I had a baked potato, and egg. For lunch I had tuna mixed with avocado and pineapple with streamed broccoli and sauteed onions. The tuna tasted great when I made it early that morning but tasted like a paste and I was forcing it down at the end there. For dinner I just ate bacon...a lot of bacon, like 10 pieces of was that kind of day...

  34. Why is my comment not posting. Ugh user error I'm sure...

    Clean weight - 125#!!! Had to brag on myself because it's more than I expected.