Thursday, February 19, 2015

10 points to the team that can guess exactly how many stars are in this picture.
(but 1 of you has to figure the exact number out :))
Wk 4, Day 27
Did you say athletic performance is a goal of yours?  Well...
 "Research shows that getting enough sleep is a 'magic pill'" - According to this ESPN article!
4 rounds:
2 min of double-unders
2 min of burpees
score is total reps of each exercise


  1. Good Morning. many stars.........that is probably a trick question..........I'm going to guess 1 star!

    Make it a great day!

    Go Team Strong!!!

  2. Yo, back is still jacked. But at least I'm getting enough sleep. Team Strong!

  3. I don't see any crossfit north mesquite people in the picture so im going to guess 0 stars!
    I think my team and coaches would be super proud of me yesterday...I had an incedent at work where I was forced to go to Pizza Inn to have lunch...first I protested, then I relented but I took my hamburger patty and broccoli and nuked it and took it with me...I had a small salad from the salad bar with paleo ingredients only, no dressing...I ate my paleo lunch while everyone else had all you can eat pizza buffet...I wont lie, It took a lot of discipline for this man to resist temptation, but I did it!...We are in charge of everything we put in our one might be the exception if you are in prison!
    B: eggs and bacon
    L: hamburger patty, broccoli and salad
    D: salmon patty and salad
    Team STRONG!

    1. Way to stay STRONG Lewis! That could NOT have been easy.

  4. infinete number of stars.

    1600 stars in this picture.

  5. CrossFit North MesquiteFebruary 19, 2015 at 7:58 AM

    Delayed totals... (this should've been yesterday's post)
    Strong - 253 (Jenn G and Katie 2 days in a row of no posting)
    Dedication - 247 (Mayra 2 days in a row of no posting)
    Determined - 233 (Emily 2 days in a row of no posting, Christina you have been doing great up to a few days ago...)

    GREAT JOB everyone!!

    "I only call you out to help you out." - quote by Asa

    1. I posted the last 2 days, I haven't missed a day.

    2. Let's go Team Determined!!!!! WE have been lagging behind for too long!

    3. I posted yesterday!

    4. Christina has been posting daily over the past few days.

    5. CrossFit North MesquiteFebruary 19, 2015 at 9:16 PM

      Corrected Totals (I'll send out for peeps to double check, sorry for errors)
      Strong - 284
      Dedication - 276
      Determined - 266

      "Double check your work before you call people out." - Asa

  6. Ok. So maybe it was 1 day not 2. Tuesday's post is on there and Monday I guess I started typing it and never actually posted it. So I can get my points for Tuesday please. Thanks:)

    1. Sorry :)
      I will send out the spreadsheet so everyone can double days I may have missed them. - Asa

  7. Loved today's WOD. Finally feel like I'm getting my lungs back after what seems like a month of congestion. Jason C did some good DU coaching, too.

  8. There are no stars in the pic! Those are lightning bugs!

    Team Determined

    1. Those lights are animals' eyes!! I looked back at the pic. Am I tripping or are those all animals in trees and a swamp?

  9. It's the Aurora Borealis!! Hope to make it to class Friday and Saturday, tired of these doctors and medicines!!

  10. 100 billion stars (dr. Evil voice with pinky to mouth)

  11. B: Skipped
    S: Apple and almond butter
    L: Hamburger without bun with all the fixins.
    D: Cucumber, zucchini, and some kind of protein. (unsure)

    Had to modify my workout, but I still made it in.

  12. I just went back and checked and I only missed one day this week. I know I posted yesterday and Tuesday. Can someone please confirm this for me? And add points back if necessary?

    Breakfast was rushed and light this morning - an apple and cashew butter. Lunch - paleo beef stew. Dinner will be coconut crusted chicken and sauteed veggies.

  13. Slipped up today. I don't get too down on myself because overall I've learned how to make better food choices and am eating
    Much healthier. Missed the 5am WOD but should be there at 5:30 pm. Go Team Strong!

  14. Didn't make my workout today, I think I'm getting sick...

    I think 0 stars.

  15. Had the same problem with a couple of Sandy's posts not going through, even though her tablet showed they published. Now she just posts from my account. 2 stars.

  16. Team Dedication! Got 8 hours of sleep last night!

  17. 63 stars?

    Team dedication

  18. 27 stars!

    Great WOD today!

    Team Dedication!!

  19. Really fun WOD today, now I need to focus on my sleep tonight. Two straight nights of 3 1/2 hrs of sleep is going to cut it and have to do better.

    Strong starts here!

  20. 1 dollar bob!! i mean 1 star!
    my du's were pretty good today! team strong
    jenn g

  21. Great Wod today...burpees make me want to throw up. Made it through. 7 stars?
    Team Determined!

  22. Hmm 30!

    Team dedication!

  23. I count 32. #TeamDetermined!!! Aiming for 7 hours of sleep tonight, Let's go!

  24. Ok. My vision now hurts from just looking at this pic and trying to make a good guess. So im going with its impossible to count all the stars in this pic. No one knows exactly how many stars are in the universe, so therefore no one will actually know how many stars are in this pic. :) teamdedication

  25. It's ethier infante number, one, or none

  26. Breakfast : skipped
    Lunch: Steak fajita with guacamole
    Dinner : Hamburger without buns

    I think those are fireflies too


  27. 1 star