Sunday, February 1, 2015

Which one do you think she chooses?
Wk 2, Day 8

"When you’re trying to zero in on the top healthiest foods you can eat while following Paleo, you need to sort out the top producers as far as nutrition goes. We’ve helped sort through all of the Paleo-approved foods you can have to bring you the best foods ounce for ounce (CLICK TO SEE 20 AWESOME FOODS) you can put in your body." -

It does a body good.


  1. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  2. good morning!!! I love all the foods on the list, except beets. I'm feeling great! on to week two!
    Jenn G

    1. Give beets a chance.....spinach & beet salad is mmmmmm good. I started out by going light on the beets and then starting liking them more.

  3. Definitely resting today. Getting over an upper respiratory infection, so eating clean is important right now. Ready for week 2! Let's go Team DEDICATION!

  4. Good Morning.

    Today is my prep day. I will be preparing meals for my 2nd week:

    Roasting Okra and mixed veggies
    Egg Casserole
    Boiling Eggs
    Baked Chicken

    These will help me stay on track this 2nd week of the challenge.

    I am going to a Superbowl party. We are having bunless hamburgers. I am taking a veggie tray and fruit tray. This way I am going prepared so I can avoid the chips/dip/sweets! Go Seahawks!!!

    My plan this week is to continue working towards my goals of eating Paleo/Zone, getting my H2O, working out 4-5 times a week and last but not least getting more ZZZZZZZZ!!

    Make it a great week!

    Go Team Strong!

    Strong Starts Here!!!

  5. Week one over and have completed my weekly goals. Ready to start week 2 and staying focused on the feeling stronger and being healthier.

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  7. Prepping for week 2, making sweet potato fries for super bowl game. Have a strong week!!

  8. CrossFit North MesquiteFebruary 1, 2015 at 9:23 AM

    Team Strong - 78 (only 1 member MIA and 1 that didn't learn anything about this week's theme, AWESOME!)
    Team Dedication - 73 (100% participation but only a few learned anything about sugar this week)
    Team Determined - 66 (100% participation! like Dedication only a few learned about sugar this week)

    Great 1st week! and the teams are all crazy close!! Learning tons about the challenges of food prep and the challenges of fighting the addictive qualities of the foods we are trying to eliminate...

    "You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else." - Albert Einstein

  9. B: eggs and bacon...2 and 2
    L: shrimp
    D: some pretty amazing "fried" chicken nuggets (actually baked) with coconut flour and egg...and some spices...sweet potato fries, and half an avocado...
    BUYER BEWARE: Our good friends at walmart actually sell frozen sweet potato fries but they have added sugar and corn syrup...why would they do this???? Keep reading those labels...
    This was yesterdays meal plan...i will be a day behind from now on.
    I have been through several challenges and i know sugar is bad.

  10. After looking at the list, I only dislike beets, salmon, and cantaloupe. But I've incorporated most of the others and will be adding a few this week.

    Meal prep day so I get to do what I love... Cook! Minus the sipping wine while I do. :)

    Down 4 lbs!!!!!! (But my SMART goal is based on clothing size and appearance)

    Team Determined!!!!

  11. Bacon and eggs (scrambled with spinach). Good stuff! Team Determined!

  12. Week one is in the books. This week will be a challenge cause I'll be in the air all week. Good thing is I've eaten 15 of the 20 this week. Didn't realize it was ok to eat watermelon, catanlope, and grapefruit because if the sugar content. That makes this even better news.

    Happy Super Bowl Sunday, don't care who wins because it was still a catch!

    Team Dedication!!

  13. Happy Super Bowl Sunday!! Don't get too caught up in the hype of the day that you make bad food choices. Choose YOU!!! Team Determined!!

  14. Hello Everyone! 1st week accomplished! Just came back from produce shopping and I'm stocked up for this coming week! All is well :) Missed out on breakfast :( But for a snack I'm having 1 oz of beef jerky, 1 banana, and some water. Go Team Determined!!

  15. Prepped all morning and ready for the upcoming week. Remain strong during Super Bowl festivities. Go Team Determined.

  16. Had a good workout this morning with some the crew. 15min of stair work..

    currently working brought me some tuna w/spinach and boiled eggs for lunch with WATER!!!


  17. Meals are ready for the rest of the week.

    Breakfast Calabazas, Zucchini,Cabbage, egg whites and avocado.

  18. I like the food list and like all the foods except salmon & beets. Had eggs, sweet potato & orange slices for breakfast. Staying strong during this Super Bowl by having bunless hamburger and sweet potato fries. Someone mentioned the ones from Walmart have sugar added. I didn't even look at the ingredients on the ones I bought.....but I will from now on. Go Team Strong!

  19. Paleo burgers...delicious! Team Determined!!!

  20. Great food list! The weekends are my paleo cheat days so I made paleo biscuits for breakfasts (zen belly) and made paleo pretzel rolls (every last crumb) and paleo chocolate chip cookies (every last crumb). I also had salad and plantain chip with guac. Stayed clean!!! Go team STRONG!

  21. Lets hit week #2 strong and continue staying dedicated to achieve our goals!!! #Teamdedication

  22. All I have to say is BACON!!!

  23. Had a great day resting and spending time with friends! Ready to start week two with Team Determined!

  24. Paleo burgers...delicious! Team Determined!!!

  25. Here we go, week 2! I will make sure to incorporate those foods into my meals! Feeling good!

    Team STRONG.

  26. Week 2! Forgot my lunch at home today but my co-worker decided to buy me lunch and asked me what I could eat paleo style! #teamDEDICATION

  27. Veggies are prepped for week 2.


  28. I like all the foods on the list. Not only are they healthy but delicious. 1 week down 7more to go. Couldn't have ask for a better team. Hard working very dedicated to archive their goals.

    #team dedication is dedicated

  29. So today I was super, and two of my kids got sick. So I jumped to make a crock pot meal, a pork roast and lots of veggies. I didn't prepare my meals but we do have a meal plan of what I plan to cook everyday for each meal plus I'm off tomorrow so I can jump on that then..I like ask those foods except beets. I'm finding that I like most foods either raw or streamed. Today I made guacamole for the half time show and ate it with thin buttersquash chips that I baked. It was good. I'm looking forward to this week...taking it one day at a time, and just getting to the gym and doing the work, taking one meal at a time.

  30. Made some sides and cooked some beef for a couple of days. I feel like I'm in the kitchen cooking everyday but I have to admit that I really enjoy trying out what i come up with. Most sides I make I just kinda throw and mix stuff together and it turns out great. Staying dedicated for week 2. Team dedication!!