Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Best one YET! 
(no points for Team Captain collage though...)

Wk 7, Day 45
Great comments yesterday!  So just like Paleo requires Planning, when we are trying to stay 80/20, 85/15, allow for a cheat here or there, a ___ beverage, special occasions, etc.  It is easy to lose track of the line between the two.  We would recommend being as specific and planning ahead as much as you would with the Zone and Paleo.  For 2 points what is a way you can be specific and plan ahead a cheat?  If you don't plan on cheating, but there is the possibility you might share how you would plan for it... 
When it comes to being "specific" the point is controlling the cheat, so 1 piece of ____ doesn't just mean 1 piece at a time until they are all gone.  Be specific about introducing things and keep it limited, such as reintroducing regular potatoes or wild rice.  This prevents you from turning entire meals non-paleo.   
When it comes to "planning" the point is to plan a day, a time, a meal, etc. not so your entire life becomes about that day but to prevent 1 cheat today, turning into another cheat tomorrow, and so on, and all of a sudden a one meal cheat turns into a one weekend cheat and a month later going "Oh D*#@!  I gained all that weight back right before summer!"

5 min EMOM:
5 push ups
10 wall balls
rest 1 min,
rest 1 min,
(3 rounds total)


  1. I write EVERYTHING down. I don't buy excessive fruits or veggies if I know they aren't incorporated in my meals some way or a another; they get stale if I do. I have back up plans if I get the urge to cheat. First line of defense is water. Keeping a camelbak with me at all time helps. I keep the water hose in my mouth while I work on the computer and when I'm reading :P If that doesn't help, the second line of defense is a fruit or smoothie of some sort (grapes....all of the green grapes). My third line of defense (if I still feel the urge) is beef jerky. 8 out of 10 times, I'm craving some protein. By then I only have a couple pieces. On occasion I whip out my paleo dessert book. I good way to trick my mind while still staying on track.


  2. I think having a specific cheat day or cheat meal of the week is a good idea. It makes planning easy. For example, I'm most likely to slip up on a weekend. So, I would make my cheat on a Saturday or Sunday. Team Determined!

  3. we are cooking one day of the week and then the rest of the week is assambeling the meals, we are allowing ourselves to cheat one time a week, more like it after church on Sundays; all non paleo food is baned for the house, when we do get this meal will be at a restaurant once we are done leftovers are going to the trash can.
    Edith and Lavan

  4. If I am going to cheat, I will make just enough food for a single meal, no leftovers...or throw leftovers away immediately.
    Team STRONG

  5. Good Morning.

    My plan for controlling cheats is to always be prepared for those weak moments. My weakness is sweets and a glass of wine or two!  As far as sweets I don’t keep them in the house: example Ice Cream I will go to DQ get a Blizzard eat it…..DONE! I don’t buy a ½ gallon of ice cream and keep it in the house because it will call my name all night until it is GONE!!! I will always try to prepare my meals on Sundays. This helps for the times when I walk in the door starving and ready to eat anything and everything. I also love frozen grapes. Those are also a weakness of mine. I try to always have those on hand (when in season) they help with my sweet tooth.

    If we are going somewhere for dinner and it is going to be a non Paleo meal. My husband and I try to always split the meal. Restaurants always seem to serve huge portions and by splitting we are only eating half as bad! 

    I also plan to continue trying to get into the box 3 or more times a week and continue drinking lots of water!

    That is kind of my plan for staying Paleo 85%-15%.

    Strong Starts Here!

    Go Team Strong!!

  6. For me to stay on track it would mean to keep buying what we've been buying for the past 8 weeks as far as groceries go. As far as cheating goes; one meal a week I'm allowing myself whatever I want and I plan to aim for that to happen on the weekends only. As far as sweets go, paleo desserts only and very minimal; like, a batch of goodies once a month. No alcohol whatsoever, and I want to make it to class at least 3 days a week.

  7. One cheat meal or day per week, on the weekend. Team Determined!!!

  8. One cheat meal a week will keep me on track!

  9. Staying on track would require me to continue to buy the food I've bought since the beginning of the challenge. One cheat meal on the weekend would be plenty for me! #teamDEDICATION

  10. For me staying on track means continue buying what i have been buying as far as groceries, I don't buy chips, cookies, cokes etc If i don't eat it I dont like to keep it home for my daughters than it just becomes a habit for them, plus what I cook they eat so im already winning lol but my cheat meal would be on the weekend more than likely a saturday thats all I need nothing more :) if I have a sweet tooth I already know how to make paleo muffins as a treat!!!


  11. Staying on track means still keep the junk food out if the house. My cheat meal will be ONE meal on ONE day, not a whole weekend. :)

  12. Meal prepping is the absolute best way to prevent cheating from getting out of hand. I very seldom keep "cheat items" in the house, which really helps me stay on track. Since my "cheats" normally come at work, I must learn to say no and/or bring something to combat the temptation. (My co-workers have been very supportive though) Also, I treat cheats as a reward. If I handled my business for the week, I get my cheat. If I didn't, it is something to look forward to.

    Team Determined

  13. I plan on having one cheat meal per week and a glass of wine, likely on Saturdays, after my long runs. Weekends are the hardest for me, so giving myself a cheat on Saturday will definitely help decrease the temptation the rest of the week.

    Team Dedication

  14. Teams
    Dedication - 546
    Determined - 535
    Strong - 531

    Keep your eye on the prize guyz!

  15. Staying strict will be on my mind first, then my cheat will come second. My cheat meal will come on the weekends or special occasions. Technically they are planned because Saturday nights are date night and Sundays are breakfast at Grandma's. The key for me is portion control. I'm very bad when it comes to that. When I do eat a sweet I will not call it a cheat, it will be more like a reward (quote Yansi). I'll earn my sweets in the gym!

    Team D as in Dedication

  16. If you are thinking about doing our April Challenge, then you might want to start posting your WOD results too. Hint hint... We are going to be taking it to the next level in April :)

  17. Haha Nick your funny, that's just a better word specially when your consistently working out and really trying. Planning a cheat is easy I will continue to just cook at home and having food ready for when is time for me to eat. Basically cook ahead of time, it's easy to get home from the gym and going out to eat because there is no food and you have to cook it. Making sure that food is ready when you get hungry is essential to staying on track and not cheating constantly. Cooking and prepping monday-friday, weekends will be cook at the moment or find a healthy alternative to eat out. That's when I will make room for a cheat.

    1. Oh my I forgot shout out to my team DEDICATION!!! Let's keep the eye on the PRIZE

  18. One way to be specific is to designate a specific day or meal in advance (like those Saturday night food and drink decisions). One way to plan is to establish a crutch to lean on in a cheat situation, like "hey, I'm gonna drink 2 large glasses of water before tasting that chocolate cake."

    1. Oh Shyte, go Team Strong!

  19. I will have one cheat meal at some point on the weekend.

    Team Dedication

  20. I've learned something since starting CFNM....when I think of myself as an "athlete", I tend to make better nutrition decisions. I am nowhere near most people's definition of an "athlete", but that's the beauty of Crossfit......people are able to transform both mind and body because its often the first time folks think of themselves in such terms. It breeds confidence in the box and confidence in dietary decisions. By contrast, the farther away I am from the box (i.e., not coming much), the less discipline I apply to dietary decisions. Moral of the story (for me at least).....spend as much time at CFNM as possible :)

    1. I agree with you Lance!

      Go Team Strong!!

  21. Completed WOD today with 25# med ball - Asa

  22. Completed WOD today with 8# med ball.

  23. I'm not a big fan of "planning" to eat badly. If the occasion strikes then sure. Keeping every meal as paleo as possible is key.

  24. I'm great about keeping all of my grocery shopping clean and paleo. However I always want to prepare semi elaborate dishes and they are time consuming. Then I realized that not even te authors of my amazing paleo cookbooks ear that way all the time! So! I will start initiating one day to prepare my week's meals and cook. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail, right? Cheat meal will likely be a Friday or Saturday night meal with the family out somewhere. And no leftovers!!!

    Team Strong!!!!!!!

  25. It's been rough staying on track on vacation. Trying to make the best choices- christina

  26. If I know I going to "cheat" I usually try to plan to eat the meal after a kick ass workout and not too late at night.
    Team Determined!

  27. an idea for staying on track for cheats is maybe allow yourself 2 hours on a specific day, or if u are going to drink alcohol, dont eat sweets. My goa; is to wod as much as possible, if im gonna have a cheat meal, which is fine, be choosey!!! either the meal, or the dessert. and dont go back to wasting time on starbucks and lattes. Didnt get to box today but i did get out and run 2.5 miles.Glad it wasnt raining or snowing! TEAM STRONG
    Jenn G

  28. I'm gone keep buying the same items I was buying to help me stay strick. That way I have no temptation. I will plan my cheat meal for the weekend or if I know I'm going to a party leave that cheat meal for that day. I have special event coming up and I want to look my best so i have to give it my all.

  29. My specific and planned cheat will be one date night cheat dinner per month. I'm lucky to have support with the Paleo challenge at home so that this should be an easy plan to achieve.

    Strong starts here!

  30. I will continue to eat clean and paleo,but I will also treat myself to one cheat meal a day. More than likely my cheat meal will be Saturday night. As well as I will continue to stay away from sweets and cokes. During this challenge I have realized that my eating lifestyle was horrible and I don't want to go back to those eating habits. So bring on the next challenge because I am ready for it.

  31. If I plan a cheat, it's usually on a weekend. It's easier to stay strict during the week.
    Team Determined

  32. One cheat meal a week


  33. I plan my cheats by making sure I workout hard before and they usually happen on the weekend.

    Team dedication

  34. I planned on staying strict paleo, so in doing that I dont wanna allow myself to cheat. I talked to my family about what my goals are and have asked them to encourage me to stick to my plan. I will however if the occasion arises go with the flow. I wont allow myself cake at a birthday party because I go to several, I know way too many people with kids, my immediate family alone is 1-2 parties a month..so thats out, I love to drink wine socially, and have a glass with my husband, I will allow that as my cheat. I have made plans with my husband for us to prep meals for the week and to stick to our plans and try not to get carried away with visiting family for dinner, but instead come over after we've eaten to avoid pressure, and to also get more rest and not stay out so late. When we do we will for sure allow ourselves one day out of the month to indulge in staying out late and visiting....i mean just really focus on getting ourselves and children on this type of better eating and sleeping. We are definitely gonna try and really focus on this now, and it may feel weird and seem like we dont ever want to hang out, and visit, and we will, and we will want to, but first we have to get our mind set right and my family likes to party and visit and celebrate everything, which is great but for now, we want to raise a strong and healthy family. So once we are stronger and more confident and accomplish our health and fitness goals, this is what we have to do

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