Wednesday, April 15, 2015

 Day 15
Hump Day!
By now we should have eating clean down (or have at least been giving it a great effort!), so it is time to look at how else we can be improving upon our health goal.
For 1 point, let us know what you might be interested in focusing on now:
1)  Sleep to lose weight?  Read HERE
2) Drink water to increase energy?  Read HERE
3)  Foam roll to prevent injury?  Read HERE

Make up if you missed Tuesday

3 rounds for time
400m run
@ each 200m turn around complete 15 Air Squats
(completing 90 total air squats)
7 min AMRAP
3 MU's
6 Power cleans (95/65)
9 Bar-Facing Burpees


  1. Hump day!! I'm always working on getting more sleep but a new thing I'm actually working on is stretching AFTER my workout. I'm usually in a hurry, hungry or have somewhere to go after my workout that I don't roll or row for a cool down. Maybe putting it out there will help me be accountable.
    Team blue!!
    PS thank u for the birthday wishes!! It was a good day that started at CFNM!!

  2. Replies
    1. Let's go Team Orange.....we got this!!!

  3. Good Morning.

    I need to focus on ALL 3 but my focus needs to be on SLEEP!! Sleep has been an issue with me for years!! I am my worst enemy when it comes to sleep. I'm getting ready to make an exciting change in my working career. This should make a huge difference where my sleep is concerned!!

    I love my Orange Crush Team mates Maury and Shaun!! Looking good gusy!!!
    Go Team Orange!!!

    1. MOD WOD at Amy's
      8 rounds of KB Swings 20#
      8 rounds Push Press (did 3 rounds w/ 35# then switched to 15#)
      8 rounds of sit ups
      Total reps 221

      Thanks Amy!!

  4. I am actually interested in all of them, foam rolling is 1st priority, then water, then sleep. I try to foam roll before class every im trying to do more foam rolling/mobility after a workout to decrease soreness....Team Orange!

  5. I need to focus on the intake of water...

    Wod: 105; 4rounds @ 85#

  6. all!! but i will make water my priority for now. wod 10;47 for endurance, i was not in a hurry. lol
    wod~ 3 + 12 rr with blue band # 65, good stuff. thanks for th bar facing burped clinic, alma santos!!
    team ORANGE
    jenn g

  7. Hello - let me speak for all women when I say SLEEP FOR WEIGHT LOSS!!! But sleep and weight loss is a tricky, almost impossible task for most of us!! That's a combination that we all have issues with. Either we can't sleep or we can't lose weight or both!! The joys of it all...

    I'll sleep but I don't necessarily lose weight. I think there's more to it for me...

    Happy Wednesday!!

    No workout for me today.


  8. Foam roll for me. I believe I have a decent handle on a sleep routine and I could do better on the water, but I need to foam roll more. As I've been eating to fuel my workouts, my WODs have been a good way. But, my body is paying the price. Aches and pains are starting to creep in. I'm getting adjusted and that's helping, but I need more soft tissue work. Foam rolling helps with that. But nothing beats Katy's massages and Asa's soft tissue work! I need to get in, PRONTO! Team Orange!

    1. Endurance 10:17 Row 500m (15 air squats every 250m) 3 rds

      WOD: 4 rds even MOD with Supine RR

      Team Orange!

  9. Need to focus on foam rolling. Got the water intake down. I gave up on sleep when the triplets were born. Go Team Orange!

    1. Endurance 9:19
      Strength 100 push press 5 rounds of 6 reps
      Wod = 65#, pull ups, 3 rounds + 3

  10. All three!! I need to get more sleep, need to drink more water, and foam roll these sore legs!

    WOD: 9:40/3 rounds #65

    Team blue

  11. I would like to focus on foam rolling to prevent injury. #teamBLUE

  12. mine would be sleep...I foam roll often especially at home. my water intake is no issue. I'm always running to the bathroom.;)


  13. I would like to learn more with all of them.


    Hey Orange team. I will try to be there today. By the time I get out of work and get on 635 it's almost 645 and its time to get my kids. :(

  14. Definitely sleep to lose weight, I have been getting more sleep lately but not nearly what I should be getting.

    WOD endurance 9:31 AMRAP modified CTB and DL 135, 3+16

  15. Sleep to lose weight!! For sure!!!!
    WOD Endurance 9:45
    AMRAP modified MU 55# 3 + 16

  16. I definitely need to foam roll more..

    Endurance - 9:20

    AMRAP - 4 rounds (did supine RR instead of MU)


  17. I've been sleeping well lately so I'm going to focus more on water for more energy. It will also help with weight loss. Just have to make it a point to chug it down more often.

    Today's workout-
    Endurance 8:58
    Metcon 3 rounds + 12 (43# w/ring rows & dips)

    Team blue!

  18. Water-I have slacked off drinking my daily quota and need to get back to it.
    Endurance: 10:33
    AMRAP - 4+3 supine RR/65#

  19. I need to get better sleep. Team Orange!!!

    1. Endurance Didn't keep track of my time.

      WOD 55# Ring rows

  20. I need to work on sleeing and drinking enough water.

    WOD: endurance 8:58
    AMRAP- 4+5 rounds 55# modified with ring rows and ring dips

  21. Defenently drink more water to increase energy. I get tired too soon during workouts.

    WOD : E17:00 ;1rd15#

    tEaM bLuE

  22. I've been having some back problems so I'm really interested in foam rolling more.
    WOD- 3rds+14 (C2B/65#)

  23. Really hard to pick one when I'm terrible at all three. I most need to drink more water. No WOD for me today. I will however do some ab work at home.



    I need to really concentrate on drinking more water. I drink enough to stay alive but not as much as I should throughout the day.


  25. Drink water to increase energy. I have been slacking on the water until I bought a new cup with a straw that I continuously drink out of throughout the day. It definitely makes a difference in how I feel!

  26. All three, and after today the foam rolling.

    95,115, 115, 135, 135

    2 rounds + 9 reps.
    Tweeked my back in the middle of WOD, and it kept me from finishing.

    Team Blue

  27. I need to definitely work on getting more sleep and drinking more water! I have tried to get a minimum of 8 hours every night but sometimes my days seem so short the earlier I get to bed and I hate it! Lol
    Also need to work on drinking more water. All I drink is water but I don't think it's enough.

    No WOD today. Go team blue!!

  28. I would want to work on all three. I don't think sleep to lose weight is a fit for me specifically, losing weight is more intricate for me, but I NEED at least 8 hours. I certainly need to drink more water and I love foam rolling my entire body, especially since I am no stranger to injury.
    I did 105# on today's strenght portion and got 4 rounds plus 6 with 65#, 3 ring rows plus 3 ring dips using the blue band and of course burpees.

  29. I need to focus on sleep. I do not think I sleep enough.


    3+8 135#

  30. All three would be good.

    WOD- 3rds+8 (43#)

  31. I need to drink more water for sure, maybe it'd help keep me full and not so hungry all the time.


  32. Got back from San Diego late last night. It was definitely hard staying paleo the whole time but I did so good! Normally, when I go out of town I lose total control and eat whatever I want. This challenge definitely helped me stay more focused on what I was choosing on the menu and making much better decisions.

    I would have to say my water intake. Today I worked out with my friend who's a trainer. She kicked my butt! Team Blue

  33. I would love to focus on getting more sleep to lose weight. Sometimes I can't 6 hours of sleep but I need to try harder

    Endurance: 12:20
    WOD: 3reps #53

    *Go team orange*

  34. All 3 and Endurnace with training mask Rx/135