Saturday, May 16, 2015

 Day 14

"They don't call it junk food for nothing.  Food that doesn't have good nutrients is a waste of your body's time.  When you eat a bunch of greasy, salty potato chips, you still want more because your body is still hungry. When you eat an apple, you don't want ten more apples because you are actually feeding your cells so they are satisfied." -taken from a book on the human anatomy for kids!

Teams of 2 complete:

15 min AMRAP
10 buddy burpees
10 med ball clean and toss
10 med ball sit ups

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  1. happy saturday! bell peppers and eggs and coffee for breakfast!!
    jenn g

  2. Great WOD today, thanks Sean.

    6 rounds +20 /#6

  3. Feeling fabulous after doing the WOD. 6# 6+20. Now for some eggs and broccoli

    Go team fuerza

  4. Today's WOD: I competed 8 rounds w/ 14# medball. Great workout!

    Breakfast- scrambled eggs with green peppers, onions & tomatoes

  5. WOD: Partner workout with Balt. we did 7 round + 19 w/ 20# med ball

    Breakfast - scrambled eggs and protein shake.

    Team Ball 'n Chain

  6. Today's WOD was overdue lawn work. It was bad and had to bag several bags. Plus I will do quiet a bit of walking at the Ranger game. Today's breakfast scrambled eggs in spinach with bacon and avacodo.

    Team Deez

  7. Cleaned the pool, does that count? ;)

    Apple and almond butter


  8. No WOD but I did walk 16,000 steps yesterday!

    Food choices not too bad, but not too good.

    Team Will and Grace

  9. WOD - clean backyard
    Breakfast - banana and nuts

    Team Flexy Beasts

  10. Thought i already posted but apparently my phone doesn't post. Wod this morning and ate lots of protein today. Now off to bed so i don't cheat. paleo princesses!

  11. Morning WOD
    Like Katie I ate a lot of protein today!! Felt super hungry and I didn't deprive.
    Dinner - ribs and salad greens with herbs

  12. Great Lifting class this morning!

    5x3 muscle snatch 15#
    5x3 DL 75#
    GHD back extensions w/15# KB
    5x12 DB Presses 10#

    Keep up the great work!! Strong Starts here!!

    Go Team Paleo Divas!

  13. lifting class this morning. worked up to heavy single back squat at 80kg
    4 sets of 5 at 65kg, then 1 set of 5 at 70kg (thanks for the push George! I wouldn't have gone that heavy on my own. Everyone needs a coach!)
    Lots of yard work at home and washed the dogs with little Asa, which is a very intense workout as one of the dogs is a Great Dane who doesn't like baths.
    Dinner: ground beef, sweet potato, and kale stir fry
    Team Flexy Beasts

  14. No WOD. Bacon wrapped quail breasts from Woody's.

    Team Franix & the White Silverados

  15. Pullups and Fajitas
    Quilting Droid Builders

  16. Fajitas go team quilting droid builders 50 push ups

  17. No WOD for me today... In recovery mode.
    Beef fajita salad
    team Fuerza

  18. No WOD. Did roll out for 30 minutes. I've been a bad boy today though. Yesterday was our anniversary and we're celebrating tonight. Team SMASH!!!

  19. WOD: 1 mile run, 20min AMRAP of sit-ups, squats, burpees, and bench jumps(had to figure something out since no box)

    Breakfast: over medium eggs, bacon and banana

    #paleo beast gals
    ALMA R

  20. No WOD today, did some active mobility stretching and foam rolling.

    Eggs and sweet potato for breakfast


  21. No WOD today. I did stay strong in midst of non-paleo food. I only at:
    Dinner - Salad and meat

    Team Bonnie and Clyde

  22. WOD: not to much just walked around the park while my daughter played
    Dinner: chicken and veggies
    Team In WOD We Trust

  23. Rest day!

    Mixed fruit at my nieces graduation party.


  24. No WOD for me today
    For lunch I had chicken salad and olive oil.

  25. No WOD today

    Breakfast: eggs and avacado with coffee


  26. No WOD: it was my wife best friend bday party. She did it big!!! Brunch: bake chicken breast and salad. Team SBABPRS!!!!