Friday, May 15, 2015

BARBELL ETIQUETTE- Something to keep in mind during today's wod.
Adherence will help keep you and the athletes working out around you safe! It will also make the equipment last longer. Violations of these rules will result in replacing your barbell, kettlebell, or dumbbell with a PVC pipe for the remainder of the wod.

1. NEVER DROP (unless you are at risk of injury):
  • An empty bar- Please do not drop an empty bar.  It breaks the bearing. The sound can also lead to hearing loss for the coaches.
  • A bar with metal plates- this could break a bar or plate.
  • A bar with 10lb bumper plates- Dropping a bar with just a pair of 10s will eventually bend and break the 10s, so please refrain from doing so.
  • Kettle bells
  • Dumbbells
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2  Rounds
50 Box Jumps
50 Bar Thrusters 45/35
30 Chest to Bar Pull Ups


  1. Woohoo! I'm the first to post this morning! Happy Friday!!!
    WOD 15:43 35#, RR, 12"
    I know I'm going to have spinach and pollock for lunch.

  2. Congrats Samantha!

    WOD - 23:31 Rx (thanks Adam for helping me get thru those thrusters!)
    Pre-WOD - coffee black
    Post-WOD - kale eggs and sweet potato

  3. WOD: 16:49 Rx. Pre WOD coffee and hard boiled egg (shell & all). Post WOD meat head shake. Broken glass and barbed wire for lunch.

    Team Franix & the White Silverados - Cautiously optimistic.

  4. WOD:17:30 RR 35# 20"


  5. Banana pancakes for breakfast, wod at 9. I tried to get Travis to cheat last night. He held strong and encouraged me to do so. I was impressed. Team Paleo Princesses!

  6. WOD this morning, nice to see all those different faces! 25:09 modified with pull-ups instead of CTB

    Eggs and sweet potato for breakfast


  7. I have been feeling horrible (Mentally & Physically) for missing my Monday and Wednesday workouts. So in an attempt to make myself feel less guilty and show my body some love.. I woke up early for the 6am class. It was tough but I finished and I felt so great and oh so sweaty after! Thanks for the class Jason and Shaun for keeping me motivated.

    WOD: 23:32 (21,35#, RR)

    Breakfast: Eggs, bacon, mixed fruit and some nuts.


  8. My dimple on fleek in this pic! Lol! Traveling so no WOD today.

    On vacation so no comments on food either (it's only one weekend).

    Team Will and Grace

  9. WOD was killer for me this morning. I was not sure I could make it through 2 total rounds. I pushed through... Reluctantly
    WOD - 35#, 21" box, ring rows (18 min and some change)
    B - eggs salsa and more protein
    L - steak, zoodles, cauli rice with amazing herb sauce
    S - green salad with amazing herb dressing
    D - tbd


  10. I did not make it in today, but my step goal today is 12,000. I think I will get more like 13,000. We are having breakfast for dinner tonight. Super excited.

  11. Team Franix and the White Silverados

  12. WOD: 24:37 (RR instead of pull ups)

    Dinner: tortas de atun, nopales, and sweet potato. Delicious!

    Team Paleo Beast Gals!!

  13. WOD - 20:42 (24 inch box, 45# bar, green band 1 round, RR 2nd round)

    Dinner: Steak and asparagus

    Team Ball 'n Chain

  14. WOD:23:22 (24" box jump, #45 bar, and modified RR)
    B'fast: green tea
    Lunch: lettuce wrap fish taco
    Dinner: bake chicken leg quarter and salad
    Team SBABPRS in the house!!!

  15. No WOD. Rest day, sore from yesterday but still feeling good.

    Lunch: steak and some asparagus and a salad. Really good!

    Go team Bonnie & Clyde

  16. Tough workout today but glad I did it.
    2 rounds 17:47 (modified 12" box/15# bar/RR)
    Salad with shredded chicken, salsa, and avocado


  17. WOD: soccer game
    Lunch: left over pork roast with veggies
    Team In WOD we Trust

  18. Had to take my kid to the Dr today and was unable to WOD. However I did some mobility here at the house.

    Sliced Turkey, with veggies and apple.

    Team Deez

  19. No WOD today. Rolled out for 30 minutes this afternoon and an hour tonight. Eggs, bacon, and sweet potato
    Team SMASH!!!

  20. No WOD-foam roll, mobility and 100 air squats while dinner was on the grill.
    Breakfast - IHOP..scrambled eggs and bacon.....oh so wanted those crepes. Stayed strong.
    Lunch-Subway-Turkey chopped salad.
    Dinner-hot off the grill, bison and much better
    Team Paleo Chicks.

  21. No WOD this morning.
    Turkey bacon and eggs for breakfast
    Pork chops and sweet potatoes for lunch
    Pork chop and watermelon for lunch

    Team Will and Grace

  22. WOD made it through the 50 thrusters. 35#
    Had to leave early.



  23. No WOD today. Wanna try and make it to one day of Regionals
    Lunch - Salad with grilled chicken
    Team Bonnie and Clyde

  24. No WOD today for me
    Breakfast- eggs and sweet potato

  25. WOD some zumba for me and for lunch I had baked chicken and sweet patato