Sunday, May 17, 2015

What do you want to try? The Mango Avacado Spiced Chicken Salad looks pretty good!


  1. 1st today! :)

    WOD - do whatever a 3 yr old does
    Breakfast - bacon, eggs, broccoli

    Team Flexy Beasts!

    1. WOD - pulled weeds for 1 hour and 2 mile walk with little Asa

  2. WOD was a 30 min jog, situps and squats.
    Breakfast was some eggs and bacon


  3. WOD: getting 12,000 steps in

    Eggs, spinach and sweet potato for breakfast. I want to try the paleo lobster eggs Benedict and Thai chicken curry!!


  4. No WOD for me today! Just hanging out and relaxing up for a big week of wods ahead.
    Prepped some food - lots of marinated chicken and an awesome "tabbouleh".

    I wanted to try some snow crab legs today - they didn't turn out :( and I cried. Oh well!
    Team BallN'Chain

  5. Home WOD ran 2 miles 75 push ups, 75 sit ups and 75 air squats
    Steak and steamed veggies for dinner

  6. Went to the tegional competition. It was fun! I forgot to post yesterday...and I did go to the gym. Oh well... Today no WOD. Goal of 12,000 steps. I made taco salad today, and it was crazy spicy. Next time a little Jess seasoning.

  7. 2.5 mile run today.

    Leftover ribs for lunch with watermelon as a snack.

    Team Ball 'n Chain

  8. I got some strwtching and Foam rolling in today.

    I hade a protein shake with strawberries, bananas, almond butter, Maca powder, protein powder and coconut milk for breakfast.

    Team Paleo Divas

  9. No WOD today.


    I love apples so I would probably love the baked cinnamon Apple chips.


  10. rest day all day pork chops yum!
    Go team quilting droid builders

  11. pork chops and sweet taters. Lots of walking today
    Quilting Droid Builders

  12. No WOD today. Just stretching and foam rolling.
    Brisket w/ grilled veggies

    I'd definitely try the cauliflower tabbouleh.

    Team Fuerza

  13. WOD-lots of stretching and walk to the park.
    Dinner- elk tenderloin and brussels sprouts
    I would try the Paleo chicken tortilla soup-I miss tortilla soup!

    go team paleo chicks

  14. No WOD but more stretching!

    Dinner grilled shrimp, sweet potatoes, and salad.

    Team Deez!

  15. activity: busy 12 hour shift at work
    food: Asa cooked burgers and mixed veggies for dinner
    Team Flexy Beasts

  16. We are entering into the 3rd week of the challenge. Today no WOD for me. I will be preparing my meals for this next week!

    The foods for the week are:
    Boiled Eggs
    Baked Chicken
    Sweet Potato
    Roasted Veggies

    Make it a great week.
    Go Team Paleo Divas

  17. No WOD today and that's 3 days in a row! I'll probably die this week! Got over 10,000 steps though, so that's something...

    Back to reality tomorrow!!

    Team Will and Grace

  18. bacon and eggs for dinner.
    no wod today. i did avoid the cake balls at a baby shower today.
    team paleoprincesses! i will grocery shop and food prep tomorrow
    jenn g

  19. The grilled peaches with coconut cream sound delish
    No WOD today
    Sweet potato with ground beef mixed for breakfast.

  20. The mango avocado spiced chicken salad sounds good!
    No WOD today.
    Breakfast: scrambled eggs with bacon

  21. Team In WOD We Trust

  22. WOD: chasing my daughter around the crib. My games got cancel I use the time to play with Addy.
    Brunch: BBQ Chicken and salad
    Dinner: bake chicken and green beans

  23. No WOD today. I'm ready to go strong this week.
    Dinner - Salad and Grilled chicken thigh
    Breakfast - Eggs, Bacon ad Sausage
    Team Bonnie and Clyde

  24. No WOD

    Shrimp water

    Team paleo beast gals