Monday, May 18, 2015

Day 15

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15 min to find 1RM Front Squat


EMOM 10 min
even: 10 goblet squats
Odd: 20 mountain climbers

Double unders (3:1 single unders)
Sit ups
10 min cap

Coach's notes: Review barbell etiquette, practice dropping PVC to ensure that you safely know how to bail on a lift. Warm up with 5 reps with just a bar. Many athletes try to go straight to heavy weight. Have a coach check your form with just a bar before you start adding weight. 
USE AS FEW PLATES AS POSSIBLE- Rather than loading three 10’s on each side, grab a 25lb plate and a 5lb plate.

Front Squat:
Flare the knees out to set the hips down
Take a deep breath and think big chest, maintaining a vertical torso on the descent and ascent
If your chest drops even slightly, you will feel the load shift back into your butt and hamstrings-WRONG! You could also feel this in your low back, so decrease the weight to protect your spine if you feel this happening!
Avoid shooting your butt back on the way up. Maintain vertical torso and feel the burn in your quads on the way up!
Elbows up (as long as you can keep your back straight)


  1. WOD - 8:10 Rx
    pre-WOD - banana

    Team Flexy Beasts!

  2. 155# FS
    WOD: 9:59.... mod to singles

    Way to Go Roy!!!

    Egg and beef fajita


  3. WOD - strength 165# (20# PR)
    Metcon - 7:04 Rx

    B - eggs and avocado with a hint of salsa
    L - chicken with paleo tabbouleh
    D - hamburger salad (can't wait for this one)

    P.S. I love Annie.

  4. Strength: 155# FS (PR)

    WOD: 10:00min, completed all but 8 sit-ups

    Breakfast: eggs, pork sausage


    1. Wow......155#! Way to go!

    2. Thanks Lance! Couldn't have done it without great coaches and Kelly to push me thru it! #teamRKelly

  5. 123# FS
    WOD: completed the 30s in the 10 minutes but stayed after class to finish the 20s and 10s (str8 determination)
    I should have finished the workout before the 10 minutes, but I definitely will next time!

    B: eggs and ham omelet
    L: veggie plate at a cafeteria (lunch with coworkers)
    D: tuna salad

    Goal: 12,000 steps

    Team Will and Grace

  6. #113 FS
    WOD: 9:51 RX



  7. Front Squat 154lb (PR by 4lbs!)
    Annie RX 6:09
    Going to eat an orangenow bc I forgot to pack anything else
    Team Flexy Beasts

    1. oh, and optional 21 wall balls
      and a mod wod with Kristi
      5 rounds of
      60 arch flutters
      10 push ups
      20 doggies each leg

  8. Boot Camp today

    Lunch: Ground Beef, nopales, and sweet potato with water, Snack: blueberries


  9. wod run 2 miles strength train legs
    lunch was cilantro lime chicken salad, from green grocer.
    dinner will be steak, asparagus, and bell peppers.
    jenn g

  10. WOD: strength 205#
    Metcon: 6:06 Rx PR

    B - p shake and banana
    L - sardines, avocado and sweet potato
    D - probably spinach omelette with mango dessert

    Team Buns and Guns!

  11. I went off the pale train yesterday. Back on with a vengeance! Close to 10 min. for the wod today with single unders. Grassfed hotdog for lunch. I love them! Team Paleo Princesses!

  12. Couldn't make it to the box this morning, for I sinned with Katie last night. Sorry Claire, Katie made me do it! Garage WOD the afternoon. 15 min EMOM of 25 double unders. I suck so bad at DU, it almost killed me. Paleo chili, eggs, veggies & almonds for dinner.

    Team Franix & the White Silverados - Back on the wagon.

  13. WOD::Boot camp plus 3 miles

    Grilled chicken on salad


  14. Today's WOD 2 mile run and will do some push ups tonight (gotta get ready for Murph).

    Dinner rotisserie chicken, spinach, sweet potato, and dry salad.

    Team Deez

  15. WOD: boot camp

    Cabbage rolls


  16. I did my MOD WOD with Amy tonight!

    5 rounds

    20 Med ball sit up tosses
    20 russian twist with the 8# wall ball
    20 doggies each leg


    Dinner baked chicken and roasted veggies.

    Go Team Paleo Divas.

  17. endurance
    METCON 9:02 single unders

    Chicken and veggie stir fry tonight. I really miss rice....

  18. WOD today - 6 mile tempo run followed by "prep" work running exercises.
    Lots of water and fruit for my snack today.

    Team fuerza!

  19. Today's WOD FS PR 280# and PR'd Annie with 9:12
    Lunch tuna with avocado and eggs


  20. WOD: E- 50+40-9 sit-ups
    Bfast: scramble eggs and strawberries
    Lunch: green tea
    Dinner: bake chicken and mixed vegetables
    Team SBABPRS!!!

  21. WOD - did SU's and only got thru 60 + 11 sit ups at the 10:00 cap.

    Bacon wrapped chicken for dinner

    Team Ball 'n Chain

  22. WOD got me some crossfit. Sit ups, squats, and jump roping. I had grilled chicken with avacado for dinner and lots and lots of water today.


  23. I fell off the wagon kinda....been so busy and not posting but I've been hanging in there. Today I took a vacation day and enjoyed a nce paleo dinner....lettuce tacos with turkey and sweet potato fries....
    Front squat #135 and 8:18 on Annie
    Team las paleoritas !!

  24. WOD: 50+40+20 rx.
    Dinner: grilled pork chops with sweet potatoes
    Team In WOD We Trust

  25. WOD: 130# FS 5# PR, and all except 22 Singles and 10 Sit ups. Next time I will do DUs. Leg work out this evening-3 mile fast walk pushing stroller.
    Dinner-Shredded chicken mixed with avocado and 1/2 sweet potato.
    Team Paleo Chicks!

  26. I did the strength part of the workout but I did a bunch of sets of 5 with not much weight, doc said no heavy lifting.

    I finished the WOD in 7:23 RX

    I had baked pork chops and asparagus for dinner.

    Team Paleo Divas!

  27. No WOD, will be back tomorrow with my partner Clyde! I did get to join in my daughters tennis practice! Did sweat a lot, it looks easy but tennis is hard.

    Lunch: a turkey wrap and sweet potato fries

    Go team Bonnie and Clyde!

  28. Strength- 143
    WOD -RX didn't finish
    Breakfast- sweet potato with eggs

  29. No WOD today. Frustrating day in the office. I'll be back, and better than ever tomorrow with my partner Bonnie in tow
    Lunch - Green Salad

    Team Bonnie and Clyde

  30. Strength: Front Squat 88#
    WOD: 10:00 mins *singles

    I finished but I have rug burn on my lower back, will have to watch my technique next time. #ouch

    L:Baked Chicken, Green Beans, Brussels sprouts & Carrots
    D:Eggs, Chicken with Kale and Sweet Potato