Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Day 2

For Time:
20 Strict Presses (95/65)
20 Strict Presses (65/35)
20 Strict Presses (45/15)
Every time you break you have a 200 meter run penalty


RX=all unbroken, no penalty runs

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  1. WOD: 45#, 35#, 15#, 3 runs

    Today part of my lunch is roasted brussel sprouts and carrots. Super yummy!

    1. Go Team Franix & White Silverados!

      Remember to sign off with your team name no matter how long it is :))

  2. WOD - 53, 33, 15 3:48 unbroken
    I almost made a pot of delicious coffee!!

    1. Optional row sprint 2500 m
      Team BallN'Chain

    2. I had a delicious batch of cauli-rice tonight!!

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  4. Team: Roy & Kells

    WOD: 75,55,45 x 3 runs

    Its chicken and spinach for lunch today...

  5. Team: Roy & Kells

    WOD: 75#, 55#, 45# x 4 runs

    Eggs and pork sausage for breakfast with strawberries/blueberries!

  6. WOD RX 3:50 unbroken
    I thought I was doing great until Free finished in half my time unbroken!!!
    Eggs and broccoli for breakfast.
    Asa and I decided on our team name. We are "The Flexy Beasts".

    1. I forgot that I did optional tabata bike sprints, then the comp GHD back extensions with a 35lb KB.

  7. WOD. 6:37 (I think) with 2 runs at RX WT. Arms & shoulders smoked! Optional Tabata Bike Sprints, max effort unbroken fast TTB (only 15- need to practice those), and 20 unbroken pull-ups.

    Egg casa-roll & monkey pickle for breakfast. Grilled chicken breast, flank steak, pork chop, mixed nuts & watermelon for lunch.

    Team Franix &the White Silverados rockin' 5am.

  8. Hi my name is Jackie and Tom is my partner, we are called the Team Brown. We tried to post yesterday but had problems. Amy has straighten all that out for us. We are working out and staying paleo. Eggs and bacon this morning and, the activity this morning was trying to herd a cow back in the neighbors field.

  9. Breakfast: Omelette sausage and bacon and all the veggies with red salsa

    #Paleo Chicks

  10. My whole body is so sore, I think even my eyelids hurt! LOL!
    But, I am excited I was soooo close to the actual prescribed weight for the first time EVER! #55, #35, #15 (still learning Crossfit jargon)
    Eggs and turkey sausage this morning...
    Team Will and Grace

  11. Did the WOD at work today.
    RX @ 2:17.
    Fortunately it was a rack with the weights hanging on it so switching the weight was easy. I will say this, that last set of 45 was the hardest!

    Today's breakfast eggs, bacon, with green salsa and a banana.

    Team Deez

  12. 20@43# 2 rows @ 200meters
    20@33# 1 row @ 200 meters
    Time 7:36

    Go Team Paleo Divas!

  13. My name is Tom. My partner is Jackie! I am changing our team name to "Quilting Droid Makers"! Doing this to tone up and get tone and cardio back! Had Eggs and bacon, pork chops and spinach. Did Tabata Squats. low score 15.

  14. My wod will be some push-ups and sit-ups when I get home. I had lots of protein today. Including chicken hamburger and pork. Paleo princesss!!

  15. Rx 1:45! Thank you Shaun and Brandon for pushing me, and Asa for the pre-WOD pressure! lol

    Bacon, eggs, and avocado for breakfast
    Grass-fed steak, with grass-fed butter and spinach for lunch

    Team SMASH!!!

  16. Incredible times guys. Good job. Thanks for making me feel like a huge puss.

  17. WOD- 40#/35#/15# w/3 runs 9:14
    4 mile run at 8:17 pace, last 2 miles were sub 8.
    Lunch was great- shredded chicken salad with avocado.
    Team Fuerza

    1. Woo-hoo way to go! I had the same for lunch! Staying strong sis.

  18. WOD RX+ 1 200 METER Run.
    Breakfast- fried egg with spinach and a slice of turkey
    Lunch- Cabbage with Grilled chicken breast
    Dinner- Grilled chicken salad with tomato
    Dessert- slice of watermelon.
    Had a hankering for a Butterfinger all day but fought through!

  19. WOD- 75#, 65#,45# unbroken 1:50, brisket and hash for dinner. Team SMASH!!

  20. WOD 45# 20# 15# 3 runs 9:25
    3 mile jog

    Eggs with sausage for breakfast


  21. WOD: RX + 1 200M run @ 5:30
    also did the competition optional with 10 X 250M row and 4 x 10 weighted GHD back extensions

    Team Ball 'N Chain

    1. Healthy food of the day was good ole watermelon.

  22. WOD 63# 35# 15# 2 runs 7:01

    Chicken, spinach and avocado for lunch


  23. WOD #55/#35/#15/1run 4:37 also did optional
    For lunch i had grilled pork chops w/ sweet potatoes.

  24. WOD RX 3:24, today's healthy food was tuna with egg and avocado!


  25. I didnt do a cfnm wod but I was busy at work attending to others emergencies running from one building to another and up and down some stairs in heals!!!
    I also enjoyed fresh tuna, boiled eggs, fresh veggies, a mini almond joy, berries, cooked carrots and sweet potato!!
    Team las paleoritas !!!

  26. wod #55,#35,#15, i had to run twice
    i had pork,eggs, lots of broccoli.
    paleo princesses!!!
    jenn g

  27. WOD: 55#/35#/15#
    1-200m run

    Lunch: grilled chicken with broccoli. And snacked on an apple an almonds

    Go team Bonnie and Clyde!! Happy Cinco de Mayo (lol)

  28. Go Team Flexy Beasts!
    Delicious dinner - baked chicken thighs and broccoli.
    WOD - tough! 9:56 (10,10,7,8,5,20) lots of running...

    Great job Free, Rickie and Lee... Smash!

  29. Today I was stuck at work signing a lease didnt make it to the crossfit workout. So my WOD was 4 mile jog with squats and burpees at every mile mark. For lunch I had a grilled chicken salad with slices of avacado.

    Staying strong sis Go Team Fuerza!

    1. Awesome! Way to get your workouts in even when you can't make it to Crossfit!

  30. I finished today's WOD in 4:36 with one run and the prescribed weights. I thought my spaghettini arms were going to fall off! I am happy I was able to finish it considering being hurt and not doing any overhead lifting for months.

    I had green leaf beef tacos with tomatoes and a spicy homemade salsa for dinner.

    Team Paleo Divas

  31. Walter

    B'fast: beef sausage and eggs
    WOD: 95/65/45 7:23 1 run

  32. Light workout at home-sit ups and push ups, TTB.
    Dinner-chicken and avocado.
    Team Paleo Chicks

  33. I'm going to do some ab work and mix in some pull-ups and push-ups on my own today as I did not make it into the Box. I had some Tuna for lunch. I will be having some squash and zucchini with dinner tonight
    "Bonnie and Clyde"
    CFNM Outlaws

  34. Today's WOD:
    55#, 35#, 15# @ 7:47
    Today's dinner: Mexican salad with ground beef, green peppers, tomatoes, onions & avocado
    - Ashley P.
    Go Las Paleoritas!!

  35. WOD:RX -4:43, 1run
    Optinal: tabata sprint bike 20sec work
    10sec rest

    Food: sweet potato fries with eggs and ground beef for breakfast


  36. No WOD my daughter had practice!

    Food: pork chops and cauliflower rice with green salsa
    # team paleo beast gals

  37. No WOD. Ready to get back on track tomorrow morning.

    Had chicken,greens,avocado,and boiled egg.

    Paleo Beast Gals