Thursday, May 21, 2015

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Heavy Thrusters

Find 1RM weighted pull up


20 min AMRAP
10 bar thrusters
Run 400
20 ring rows

5 min AMRAP
burpee box jumps

Coach's Notes: Each set of thrusters are climbing in weight to find 5RM. Be very aware of your form, if rounding back or the thruster doesn’t flow, ex: performing FS, pause,  push press, do not count those reps.  Ensure that your chin is clearing the bar for chin ups. Review Barbell Etiquette here.


  1. WOD E-3 rounds + 10 + 1 min jump rope
    Metcon: 40 21" box

    Leftover Coconut chicken curry w/cauliflower rice


  2. Egg casserole for breakfast. wod- E 3 plus. Ring rows are hard! paleo princesses!

  3. thruster 5RM 110lb
    weighted pull up 1RM 25#
    burpees: 54 to a 20" box
    hoping Asa will bring me an awesome Paleo breakfast
    Team Flexy Beasts

  4. WOD:
    Thruster 105#
    Pull up 1rm 25#
    52 burpees 20" box


  5. Thrusters - completed 5 reps @ 155#. Started too light/ ran out of time/ completely forgot about weighted PU. With coach's blessing, I'll try that tomorrow.

    Burpees: 61 @ 24", with only one fall. Mostly step-ups.

    Breakfast: Eggs, meat head shake
    Lunch: Grilled chicken breast & veggies

    Team Franix & the White Silverados - Starting to worry about my teammate. Where you been??

    1. I realized that you didn't get to that after you left this morning. Now you have to get it in tomorrow!

  6. I was able to make it to an early class yay!! I did the endurance which was a beating!!! Almost didn't have enough energy for the burpees :(
    E-4+10 thrusters and 1.5 min of singles
    38 burpees on a 21 in box
    B-scrambled eggs n spinach, sweet potato, avacado n a biggo jalapeño
    Team las paleoritas

  7. First WOD in days because I just couldn't stay away!!! I'm officially hooked!

    E: 4+10 and 30 sec of jump rope
    30 BBJ with 16 in box with mostly step ups

    B: eggs and bacon
    L: ???
    D: spinach salad with strawberries, apples, and avocado

    Team Me :-/

  8. No WOD for me today!! I'm all about my sleep for the last couple of days.
    B - eggs
    L - chicken and broccoli
    D - hamburger salad

    Team BallN'Chain
    -- Feeling really good lately. I'm having a good week!! Next week will be even better.

  9. No WOD for me today.

    Breakfast-2 boiled eggs,sweet potato

    We got this Team Paleo Divas!!

  10. 135-155-165-DNF--DNF (we'll say I ran out of time)
    Weighted pull up - 111# PR from 106# a while back
    WOD - 40 Rx

    Team Flexy Beasts!

  11. Endurance - 4 rounds + 10
    WOD - 45 w/ 21 inch box

    Team Ball 'n Chain

  12. No WOD step goal 10,000. Brisk walk this evening. Spinach salad for lunch.
    Go Team Franix and the White Silverados

  13. WOD 95-115-125-135-155 pull up 26#, metcon 43 RX, optional 23 With 24"

    Dinner tenderloin with mixed veggies

  14. Made the WOD but had to leave early.



  15. WOD- 6 mile tempo run followed by stretching
    Dinner-leftover shredded chicken breast w/zucchini

    Team Fuerza

  16. No WOD today!

    Breakfast: egg omelette with sausage

    Team paleo beast gals

  17. WOD: 35/40/53/63/65-pull up
    METCON: 31- 16''

    Breakfast: Eggs with bacon and avocado

    Team Bonnie and Clyde!

  18. Today was a travel day, plus I'm going on 5 hours sleep in 60 hours so no WOD. Good to be home!

    Lunch chicken, broccoli, and dry salad.


  19. I had a doctors appointment and therefore couldn't make it in today. I also have a killer headache.

    I did some pull-ups, practiced my butterfly progressions and stretched a little.

    I had caulirice, zucchini and chipotle lime chicken breast for dinner.

    Team Paleo Divas!

  20. Strength- 55#,65#,75#,85#,95#
    WOD- 34 burpee box jumps
    Optional- 20 box in 1min

    Breakfast- eggs and sweet potato

  21. WOD:
    Thruster 65# - 75# - 85# - 95# - DNF (ran out of time)
    Pull up 1RM 18#
    60 burpees 24" box

    Dinner - baked chicken, roasted carrots and brussel sprouts


  22. No WOD today. Rolled on a lacrosse ball for 30 minutes. Sausage, eggs, and sweet potato. Team SMASH!!!

  23. WOD: Thruster 55, 65, 75, 85 & 90-1 DNF. Pull up-no weight just happy I can do one.
    MetCon: 35 burpees w/20" box jumps
    Lunch: Turkey burger and super greens.

    Team Paleo Chicks.

  24. WOD: E 3 rounds +10
    Metcon: 34 w/ 20" box jumps.

    Dinner: grilled lemon pepper chicken w/ asparagus, zucchini and sweet potatoes.
    Go Las Paleoritas!!

  25. WOD: S/55/65/75/85/95
    30 burpee box jumps
    Dinner: grilled shrimp with sweet potato.
    Team In WOD we trust

  26. WOD
    Strength - 45,75,80,90,95lbs
    1RM weighted pull w 18lb
    27 Burpees RX
    Lunch - crab salad, tuna
    Dinner - baked chicken

    Team Bonnie an Clyde
    CFNM Outlaws

  27. Turkey,snap peas and corn
    Meatloaf, mixed veggies

    WOD: thrusters: 15/35/55/65/66 lbs
    40 burpees - 21 box

  28. Boot Camp today

    Dinner: Ceviche and water Snack: blueberries


  29. WOD was zumba at home. Had some broccoli for dinner ...