Thursday, May 28, 2015

May Meltdown Teams:
Party at the Frazer's house this Saturday, May 30 from Noon-3pm.
Bring a Paleo dish and a swim suit weather permitting!
Sign up on the whiteboard so we know how much meat to purchase!
12 min AMRAP
10 burpees
20 KBS 53/35
50 double unders


  1. WOD went for a 45 min walk/jog this morning
    Had eggs and bacon for breakfast

    Team Fuerza

  2. No WOD today, rest day. But I will still get my 10,000 steps on my fitbit.

    Breakfast: sausage and a banana

    Team Me!

  3. WOD 4+45 (messed up by starting with 30lb KB)
    round 1 with 30lb KB, then 8 reps into the KBS on the second round Jason got a 35lb KB for me to complete the workout. Bummed that I didn't do the whole wod RX, but not going to try to repeat it.
    Eggs and spinach for breakfast.
    Team Flexy Beasts

  4. Good Morning!

    I hope everyone is feeling Leaner, Healthier and Stronger!

    It was a Fun Challenge!

    Thanks to my other half of Paleo Divas! :-)

    I'm sorry I'm going to miss the party at Travis & Katie's home. You guys have a great time! :-)

    Remember Strong Starts Here!!

  5. WOD: 4+8 25# KB (singles) I was bummed about not doing double unders but I felt I would spend too much time stopping in between.
    Lunch: left over tilapia from last nights dinner w/ a side of zucchini and sweet potatoes.

  6. WOD 4 + 11 (35#, singles)

    Sweet potato, bacon, spinach and egg for breakfast


  7. Still don't feel like I'm near 100% so hesitant to run or attempt a WOD right now. Sticking to yoga again today.

    Lunch- grilled chicken w/veggies

    Team Fuerza

  8. Boot Camp Today

    Lunch: Barbacoa, guacamole, and lettuce with water.


  9. WOD - 4+4 Rxd
    breakfast - spinach and eggs
    Great to have Brandon in class with us today!

    Team Flexy Beasts

  10. Today's wod was good. Still sore from I do t know what....,
    3+15 rx
    B-scrambled eggs with kale, fresh avocado and tomatoes and a jalapeño
    L-grilled chicken, kale salad and roasted brussel sprouts
    D-ground chicken and chorizo meatballs, asparagus
    Team las paleoritas

  11. My workout was gardening. I found some poison ivy. Lunch was yummy shrimp and vegetables that my mom made. team paleo princesses!!

  12. Breakfast Eggs, sausage, sweet potato, and avocado.

    WOD from work.
    Deltoid strengthing plus Tuesday's WOD of push press @155#. Then I attempted today's WOD. I only got 3+1 rx and was not feeling it. The doubles were not my friend today. Think I'm still recovering from Murph.

    Team Deez

  13. 4+14 Rx.
    B-p shake, banana, almods
    L- chili, broccoli, sweet potato
    D- scrambled eggs, brussel sprouts, mango
    Team Buns & Guns!

  14. WOD - 4 rounds 53# and single unders

    Team Ball 'n Chain

  15. WOD - 3+23 Rx
    Lunch - chicken and brocc, cabbage salad with evoo, ACV, and herbs
    Dinner - zoodles and Italian sausage

  16. No WOD 12,000 step goal. Roasted Brussels sprouts and carrots today.

  17. WOD 3+29 RX and optional work

    Dinner chicken breast with steamed veggies


  18. very happy to make the 6am wod today!!!!!!
    lunch was a salad drom jasons deli. dinner roast and carrots.
    team paleo princesses!!
    jenn g

  19. WOD: 3 rounds RX (35lbs) 100 singles

    Lunch: chicken lettuce wraps.

    Thank you Brandon and Yansi for motivating me today. I really appreciate that.

    Go team Bonnie and Clyde

  20. Lunch: Chicken, peppers, broccoli and sweet potatoes
    Dinner: Ground Pork, peppers and snap peas and sweet potatoes

    WOD: 3+90 (26# / singles)


  21. Wod: 3+38 RX

    dinner: ground beef, Brussels sprouts, sweet potatoe, 2 boiled eggs
    Team Paleo beast gals

  22. No WOD. Did do some mobility. Bacon and eggs for breakfast. Team SMASH!

  23. WOD 2+40 rx
    Lunch: Tilapia and sweet potato

  24. No WOD today
    Breakfast - Tuna
    Dinner - Checkin Wings

    Team Bonnie and Clyde

  25. WOD 4+7 (18, singles)

    Experimenting with making my own version of paleo starbucks drinks. Espresso, almond milk, blended with ice. Pretty good. With a banana for a snack.