Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Post Murph cool down.

5 rounds of:
Row 250m
10 wall squats
3 wall walks

Post all row times

Cool down: 30 strict TTB, every time you come off the bar stretch out your hips and wrists

Coach's Notes: Sprint the row. Wall squats and wall walks are slow and controlled for quality. Keep weight in heels and get hips below knees on the squats.  Keep abs tight, no arching in the wall walks. Have a coach watch your form.

How is the challenge going? Are you glad it's almost over? Going to continue eating this way in some form?


  1. This looks like a good one! Just got home :( so I'm hoping I make it to one of the WODs!
    Team las paleoritas ;)

    1. Today's WOD was worse than I thought in a good way! I can't remember my times....all around 1:03, 1:04 and 1:05. I only had energy for knee raises...,.kudos to those who did TTB!!
      B-fried eggs, sautéed asparagus with kale and chicken sausage
      L-skipped :(
      D- grilled marinated chicken, roasted brussel sprouts and kale salad with a garlic dressing
      Looooots of water too

  2. WOD: 58, 1:00, 58, 53, 53

    Fish and spinach for lunch


  3. I will do a jump rope and ring row wod in the garage. My mom is making shrimp for dinner. It's good! Team Paleo Princesses!

  4. 53, 50, 52, 52, 51 did optional 30ttb
    Will continue eating mostly strict and clean.
    Team Buns and Guns!

  5. 5:00am are some Rowling Beasts! Claire got a perfect 100 her first attempt and then Julie B on her second I think!! Great job Ladies!!

    :54, :47, :45, :46, and for the grand finale :44 (that was a 1:27-1:30 pace, but mostly at 1:28, only it 1:30 a few times and only for a brief moment)
    Brutal! :)

    Team Flexy Beasts!

  6. CrossFit North MesquiteMay 27, 2015 at 8:38 AM

    The Meltdown is coming to an end and we may have a tie between Deez Applz and the Jeans Cleans and Mamma Queens!...

  7. I'm loving the way I feel on this diet feeling energetic and awesome

  8. I did the 4:30 WOD! was a really good one!


    Boiled Eggs & Mixed Veggies

    Go Team Paleo Divas!

  9. Will continue eating paleo, feelng lean and strong.
    WOD was tough! :56, :56, :57, :56, :54 (I think)
    Eggs with broccoli and sweet potatoes
    Team Flexy Beasts

  10. I can't remember all my times today. They were somewhere between 1:01-1:06. Salad again today for lunch.
    Team Franix & the White Silverados

  11. I don't remember my exact times either.. :48 was my fastest and :54 was my slowest.. workout was tougher than it looked!

    I plan to stick to a mainly paleo diet because I love the results I have seen the past couple months.

    Team Ball 'n Chain

  12. Today's workout: I took a light 4 miles jog with my momma. I felt great and strong during the run (:

    Dinner: baked talapia with roasted zucchini and asparagus.
    Team Las Paleoritas

  13. No wod today felt super sick!

    Dinner: pork chops, broccoli salad, boiled eggs and salsa
    Team paleo beast gals

  14. I will continue to eat paleo I have learned a lot of new ways to eat and I love it, I like trying new recipes as wells :)

  15. Today's WOD
    :46, :47, :45, :50, :47
    I couldn't get that :44, but at least I didn't puke!

    Eggs, bacon, and sweet potatoes.

    I plan to continue with the paleo, it taste good and makes a big difference in my performance.

    Team Deez

    1. Oh and the challenge is going great for me

  16. WOD: 59,1:00,1:01,1:03,1:01
    Big thanks to Asa,Ricky, and Jose for the motivation!
    Lunch: beef kabobs and chicken kabobs Greek salad

    And an awesome job to my partner Maury!

    Go team Bonnie and Clyde

  17. Today's WOD :46, :47, :48, :48, :49 then close to the 30 TTB but count may have been off.

    Breakfast-eggs, sweet potato and avocado
    The challenge is going great. Don't want it to end because I enjoy the friendly competition. I will continue the Paleo lifestyle as best I can since it also has been helping my WOD performance.

  18. WOD between 1:00 and 1:09

    Apple with raw almond butter
    Salad with prosciutto. Pretty good!


  19. No WOD. Sausage and eggs. Team SMASH!

  20. No WOD for me today... Bummer I missed out on a good one.

    B - eggs
    L - cabbage salad with oil and ACV + herbs
    D - chicken and steamed broccoli

    The challenge is good for me. I haven't seen any results this month but I think I sabotaged myself. So I'm going to make a few tweaks in the upcoming weeks. Trial and error - that pretty much explains my paleo journey.

  21. Continuing my recovery routing of yoga and foam rolling.

    Dinner- ground beef with sweet potatoes

    Team Fuerza

  22. WOD: :58-101

    B: scrambled eggs w/veges and bacon.
    I will stay Paleo as I feel so much better. However I will continue to have an occasional-maybe more pecan praline cheesecake-can't give it up!

    Team Paleo Chicks

  23. WOD: 54sec, 55, 53, 55, 51

    Breakfast: eggs, pork sausage, strawberries.

    I plan on eating paleo after challenge.


  24. WOD: 56,57,56,57,57
    Lunch: chicken and veggies

  25. i ran 2 miles, and lifted weights. dinner was sausage and bell pepper.
    paleo princesses
    jenn g

  26. WOD 66 sec average and the wall walks were harder than I thought. 30 knees to chest

    I will definitely keep eating right and stay focused after the challenge.

    Team Me

  27. Boot camp today,
    lunch: sausage, spinach, pear

  28. WOD was a tough one
    :48, :47. :45, :48, :47
    Big shout out to Ricky, Jose and Asa for the support
    Dinner - Tuna, sweet potato
    Team Bonnie and Clyde

  29. WOD:53,53,58,58,58
    Bfast- scramble eggs and turkey sausage
    Lunch- boil eggs and strawberries
    Dinner- bake fish and broccoli
    I'm glad the challenge is almost over. I'm going to keep doing paleo but have a cheat meal on the weekends.