Saturday, May 30, 2015

Rowling Champion
May Meltdown Teams:
Party at the Frazer's house today from Noon-3pm.
Bring a Paleo dish and a swim suit weather permitting!
Sign up on the whiteboard so we know how much meat to purchase!
RSVP HERE to sign in for class or use the Mindbody Connect App.
Tabata Mash Up
Air Squats
Push Ups
Lunge Walks
Ring Supports


  1. Aww! Brandon forgot to get a pic at 9 am wed class! I was Rowling champ!!

  2. WOD - walked 1 mile with Asa
    Lunch - Paleo feast!!

  3. Back squats in lifting class today.
    5 @ 60kg, 3 @ 66kg, 3 @ 71kg, then 2 @ 177lb or 178lb I think. Thanks for the push George!
    Still a little sore from the rowing wod this week.
    Thanks Katie and Travis for having us over to celebrate the end of the challenge! Lots of great food and fun with awesome people!

  4. No Wod todas!

    Fajitas and veggies.

    Team Deez

  5. No wod today, stretching and watching the regionals on TV.

    Lunch cabbage stew