Friday, May 29, 2015

Rowling champions.
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EMOM 18 min
Min 1: shuttle sprint
Min 2: 5 power snatches 95/65
Min 3: 10 OHS 95/65
May Meltdown Teams:
Celebrate the end of the challenge! Party at the Frazer's house this Saturday, May 30 from Noon-3pm. Bring a Paleo dish and a swim suit weather permitting!
Sign up on the whiteboard so we know how much meat to purchase!


  1. WOD this morning was tough! #65 power snatches and OHS. #teamRKelly

    1. It was tough!! Way to work Roy!!


  2. WOD - completed with 75# for power snatches and OHS.

    Thanks Coach Jason for fixing my rainbow!

    Thanks Roy, Kelly and Eboni for the push on those shuttle sprints!!! That was brutal...

    Thanks Coach Jenn for getting me thru those last 10 OHS. I only had 15 min in me today, so the last 3 min were brutal :)

    Team Flexy Beasts!

  3. CrossFit North MesquiteMay 29, 2015 at 7:59 AM

    May Meltdown Results are in, and we have a 2 way tie! This tie will be broken with 1,000 burpees for time on Saturday!! (Just Kidding :))
    Team Deez 100%
    Jeans & Cleans 100%
    Ball N Chain 98%
    Team Fuerza 94%
    Flexy Beasts 92%
    Will & Grace 88%
    Paleo Princesses 88%
    Bonnie & Clide 86%
    In WOD We Trust 86%
    Franix & the Silv 84%
    Paleo Divas 82%
    Paleo Beast Gals 82%
    Paleo Chicks 78%
    Rkelly 76%
    SBABPRs 60%
    Team Smash 60%
    Las Paleoritas 54%
    Treki Quilters 44%
    Glutes & Guns 32%

    Let us know if you have any discrepancies with the final results and we will review and correct if necessary! :)
    This was a very hands-off challenge, much like life will be in the real world, but you did have your partner to lean on. Keep up the great work this Summer and continue to support one another and the rest of the Box!

  4. Darn that pool party sounds fun it sucks that I have to work :( sad face

  5. Today's work out was brutal but I got a good sizzle in with my bacon wrap hahah
    Brandon was awesome telling me to look up as I did over head squats Idk what it is about over head squats but I get noodle legs lol but he took initiative to write it in front of me on the floor and the rest was a breeze shout out !!!!

  6. That was a brutal WOD!
    Breakfast: boiled eggs, sausage, water

  7. No WOD today some stretches and foam rolling, and a lot of walking at the Byron Nelson

    Breakfast sweet potato and eggs


  8. That was a tough WOD!... #95

    Grilled ck for dinner..

    Team Ball 'n Chain

  9. WOD was a 4.5 mile run.

    Lunch bun less burger with sweet potato fries.

    Team Deez!

  10. No WOD for me... Brutal traffic this morning exercised my patience.
    B - eggs
    L - zoodles and spaghetti sauce
    D - baked chicken with other things

  11. No WOD today but getting my 10,000 steps in!

    Sweet potato, spinach and eggs for lunch


  12. No WOd for me today.

    Grilled chicken/ salad


  13. Rest day, breakfast: sausage and veggie omlette

  14. Have fun at the party everyone! I'm unable to make it my son's graduating.

    Walked for 30 min and had an egg and broccoli for breakfast

    Team Fuerza