Wednesday, May 20, 2015

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Skill Power Cleans

Power Cleans 135/95
HR Push ups

scale-choose a weight that you can at least perform 7-10 unbroken reps. If performing one at a time, it is probably too heavy. If your weight feels too light, but you cannot keep the bar close, a med ball would be a better option to work on technique and get a great workout.
or med ball

If you finish early, try out the optional or competition work.

Coach's Notes: FOCUS-keep bar close to body, fast turnover of elbows and finish with elbows high. Put all of the med ball clean work to use here. We have been working on full hip extension with straight arms before dropping under the bar. Bending the arms too early will result in "curling" the bar up rather than dropping under it.  USE AS FEW PLATES AS POSSIBLE- Rather than loading three 10’s on each side, grab a 25lb plate and a 5lb plate. Don’t use a 25lb + 10lb, grab a 35lb. The bigger weights are designed to disperse the load better than several smaller weights when dropped. NEVER DROP AN EMPTY BAR OR A BAR WITH 10LB BUMPER PLATES- Dropping a bar with just a pair of 10s will eventually bend and break the plates.


  1. WOD: 5:12 Rx. Started too hot & couldn't maintain Charmaine's pace. Optional competition of HSPU & GHD.

    Boiled egg pre-WOD, meat head shake post WOD. A familiar routine. Grilled chicken for dinner. No pizza or birthday cake for moi (Sam's 7 today).

    Team Franix & the White Silverados - Missing my teammate...

  2. WOD: 7:20 @95#


    Thanks Charmaine for pushing me during the WOD this morning!

  3. Greetings from Belgrade!

    Today my WOD will consist of waking around this city and will throw in 50 push-ups and crunches prior to going to bed.

    Breakfast eggs, bacon, and banana!

    Team Deez

    1. Take a dip in the Danube. Cool that you get to go such places.

    2. Thanks T, it's actually pretty big!

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  5. Wod 4:51Rx
    Optional - HSPU
    B - sardine salad
    L - barbacoa, broccoli and sweet potato
    D - don't know yet
    Fruit (cherries, grapes, banana)
    Team Buns and Guns!

  6. #paleochicks
    B: Fruit and Hard Boiled Eggs
    L: Grilled Chicken, Roasted Peppers and Mushroom and Broccoli

  7. WOD RX 7:25
    comp HSPU, GHD, and opt ring support
    Salmon, sweet potatoes, and sautéed kale for dinner tonight
    Team Flexy Beasts

  8. WOD 4:24 95#
    Eggs and fruit for breakfast
    Team SMASH!!!

  9. WOD getting in my 12,000 steps today!

    Spinach. Sweet potato and eggs


  10. Good 4:30 MOD WOD- Thanks Shawn & Amy!!

    Muscle Clean 35#

    Remember Strong Starts Here!!
    Go Team Paleo Divas!

  11. WOD: 2 miles run; force day off baby girl got sick at daycare
    Bfast: scramble eggs and beef sausage
    Lunch: 2 turkey lettuce wrap
    Dinner: bake chicken and mixed vegetables
    Team SBABPRS!!!

  12. I almost talked myself out of going but glad I didnt.
    75# at 7:13
    B-scrambled eggs with sounach, roasted sweet potatoes and pico
    L- grilled pork chop, broccoli, sweet potato hash with kale, pico and guacamole

    My highlight today was seeing little asa!

  13. Mini yoga session at home today
    Dinner - shredded chicken & sweet potato

    Team Fuerza

  14. Dinner was chicken and squash and banana coconut milk ice cream. No formal workout today just on my feet all day. Team paleo princesses!

  15. WOD 6:58 RX optional 41 push-ups and RS
    Dinner bacon, eggs and avocado


  16. I didn't show for an early class but got in at 9 a.m. I finished the WOD in 6:58 RX. I feel blessed to say that my arm has been good and I hope it continues.

    I had eggs, kale and lean ground beef for breakfast.

    Team Paleo Divas!!

  17. paleo princesses!!
    i had chorizo and eggs for breakfast, salmon for lunch, beef and cabbage for dinner.
    no wod, worked 11 hrs.
    jenn g

  18. WOD: 6:07 63#

    Lunch: salmon with asparagus
    Snack: almonds and broccoli

    Team Bonnie & Clyde

  19. WOD: 6:04 @55# Great workout!

    Dinner: smoked sausage with zucchini and cherry tomatoes.
    Go las Paleoritas!!

  20. No WOD today.

    Apple & a few grapes


  21. I passed on the WOD this morning. I needed some good sleep!

    I unpacked, climbed, and stocked cabinets at work today. It was pretty intense and I even worked up a sweat. So gross!

    We had lunch catered in - omelet with avocado, spinach, tomato, and topped with salsa. Fruit bowl as my side.

  22. WOD - 5:30 RX

    Dinner was steak and asparagus.

    Team Ball 'n Chain

  23. WOD: 4:55 65#
    Lunch-turkey burger, brussels sprouts and 1/3 sweet potato.

    !Team Paleo Chicks!

  24. No WOD again since my neck, back, and shoulder is still hurting. But I'll return tomorrow (soooo excited!).

    Over 11,000 steps and working hard in the warehouse this week.

    B: scrambled eggs and turkey sausage
    L: Italian turkey meatballs and veggies
    D: chicken annnddd...

    Team Will and Grace

  25. WOD: 5:41 powercleans 9-6-3 @ 35#, 21,15,9 HR push ups

    Dinner: baked fish and broccoli


  26. WOD 6:54 35#
    Lunch grilled chicken salad

    Go team fuerza!

  27. WOD today
    Lunch - Roast and Sweet Potato
    Dinner - Creamed Spinach and Roast

    Team Bonnie and Clyde

  28. No WOD today :(
    B: scrambled eggs with bacon
    Team In WOD we Trust

  29. WOD-8:15, 85#
    Dinner- chicken chipotle salad.