Thursday, May 7, 2015

Team Bonnie and Clyde, CFNM Outlaws
Allow me to introduce myself, I'm Maury and with my partner Aidee we're Bonnie and Clyde, CFNM Outlaws. We're taking WOD's down by the bunches because we eat clean. Hide your kettle bells, medicine balls and rowers when we step in the Box we get noticed. Mobility, MetCon, Cool Down, We Out.....
I lost eight pounds last month. I'm going to go for ten here in May. I want the outline of Abs this month "Ab-Formation" is the goal.

Day 4

6 min to work up to 80% of your 1 RM FS, then
3 rounds every 3 min of 2/4 (FS/BS) at the same weight


Every 3 min for 5 rounds:
Run 200m + 10 goblet squats
6 Rounds, On the 3:00:
200 Meter Run
21 air squats
12 Toes to Bar

*can sub run for either 50 double unders or 150 single unders
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  1. I came this mirning and did endurance with 26#. And I finished 4 rounds of the METCON before I had to leave. I worked on connecting T2B. I will be eating a spinach salad for lunch. It should be delicious. Go TFWS!!

  2. E/6 rounds, row, sit-ups and CTB

    I will be having a sweet potato with my dinner today for sure!!


  3. Paleo Princesses- I plan on doing the wod (modified) in my garage after work. My healthy food so far is egg casserole with sausage and almond butter. I have been really cranky the past 4 days. I'm associating it on sugar withdrawal. Anyone else feel this way?

  4. Strength - 115# FS/BS

    WOD - 6 rounds completed. Eating tilapia, and veggies for lunch.


  5. 115# F/B Squats

    16.55 6 rounds broke down in round 4 and had to do modify t2b...

    Breakfast: Coffee, eggs with cilantro...


  6. 3:15am snack of Can't-E-lope, monkey pickle & some mixed nuts

    WOD: E w/ baby bell, METCON Rx - was going to take day off and run, but since that's basically what this one was, I was wide awake, & I need work on my TTB, I figured what the hell.

    Going to eat more frequently, as I've been light headed/ dizzy/ tired/ weak/ irritable/ flaccid. Gotta get past this exorcism stage. Hope to feel as Paleo advertises soon.

    Lunch will be chicken, roasted veggies, nuts. Breakfast for dinner.

    Team FraNix & the White Silverados - becoming impatient.

  7. WOD at 6 am... Today I wanted to quit more than any other day EVER! But, I weigh in on Thursdays, and I lost 2 lbs which was motivation to finish (and Jason)! 2 lbs down 900 more to go!

    Breakfast: same as yesterday (eggs with spinach, turkey sausage, and banana)
    Lunch: baked tilapia, mashed sweet potato, and brussel sprouts

    Team Will and Grace

  8. Got to workout with the 6am class.
    130lb FS/BS, thanks for the push Alma!
    WOD was fun. Wanted to do all TTB unbroken, but my grip gave out after 3 rounds.
    Go Team Flexy Beasts!

    1. and eggs with kale (little Asa calls it green eggs with ham)

  9. So I dry heaved through endurance and the WOD 6 rounds.

    Breakfast - No sugar protein shake because I was rushing to work after the WOD
    Lunch - Cauliflower Rice with Grilled pork chops.

    I will post my dinner later.

    Team Will and Grace.

  10. Lunch: Broccoli Slaw, Kale Salad with Chicken, Sunflower Seeds and cranberries. YUM!

  11. Bacon and eggs for breakfast
    Baked chicken and veggies for lunch
    No WOD today. Recovery day at the pool, hot tub, and cold plunge! Definitely needed after yesterday!
    Team SMASH!

  12. Pulled pork chili for lunch. I got a new dog this morning. It was pretty active introducing him to our German Shepard and teach him his new boundaries. Little Asa and I took turns chasing each other outside for about 30 minutes this evening.

  13. No WOD.
    Exercised my mind by reading some intense nutrition info!! Does that count?

    I'm sad I've missed on Wednesday and Thursday... It's gonna be a tough for me to get in 3 days at CF this week.

    I'm having a lot of curried veggies and chicken marinated in cilantro, garlic, tamari, etc.

  14. Team Mom Jeans And Power Cleans @ 5 am. S/ 6 rounds run/squats/toes to bar & sit ups.

    Apple with almond fav snack!

  15. Breakfast - Kale, eggs and cashews
    Endurance & couch stretch
    WOD rx all air squats and ttb unbroken
    Thank you for the push during in endurance to Jen and Taylor and Walter!
    Thank you to Anabel and Shaun for the push in the run and ttb!!
    Flexy Beasts!

    1. Thank you, Asa & Shaun, for pushing me on the run! Definitely a great workout.

  16. Todays workout was 3.5 mile run at the park.

    Scrambled eggs and sausage for breakfast.

    Team Ball 'n Chain

  17. I've been performing mediocre this week just not feeling it....the wod was hard. Hate T2B and what it does to my hands. I need to lose weight so I can stay on the bar longer.
    I had boiled eggs, purple sweet potato and carrots sautée in coconut oil! Yum.
    Team las paleoritas!!

  18. Today's workout: joined a friend to a 30 min. conditioning boot camp at just fitness.
    For dinner I had a grilled chicken salad.
    Go las paleoritas!!

  19. WOD was not easy today but I am feeling a little better. I did strength at 130# for fs/bs, Amy and I shared a bar, her coaching is awesome and helps me tremendously!!!! The WOD was RX but not unbroken.

    For breakfast I had eggs, fresh spinach, sweet potato, lean ground beef and fresh homemade spicy salsa.

  20. Brisket, pork butt and salad
    Run and unbroken on the workout!!!
    Team Slam bars and break PRs

  21. Wod - strength 165lb FS/BS. Metcon Rx. Def need to work on unbroken T2B. My team mate Connor killed this workout.
    Team Buns and Guns!

  22. Wasn't able to make it to the usual 5am class, but really enjoyed working out with the 4:30 class! And I loved today's WOD! I completed 6 rounds (modified with knees to chest). I also did strength 58# FS/BS.
    Snacks today were healthy- hardboiled egg for protein and watermelon for a different way to hydrate.
    Team Fuerza

  23. Walter
    Bfast:chicken and turkey omelette; Lunch: broccoli and chicken; Dinner: spaghetti squash and shrimp with garlic butter.
    WOD: E/5 rounds mod.
    Today workout was hell!!! Team S.B.A.P.R

  24. Hard work out today, but differently needed it.

    Strength: 55# FS/BS
    WOD: completed 5 1/2 rounds.... Motified TTB didn't get to do the last TTB set

    Dinner: scrambled eggs and bacon

    Go Bonnie & Clyde!!!

  25. Team Paleo Chicks
    WOD: Snatch and C&J
    Breakfast-egg, kale, mushroom and onion omelet.

  26. This was a tough week for workouts. Being out the past two week did help either. I'm sore.

    Strength: 175 FS/BS
    WOD: 6 rounds complete

    Breakfast: Bacon and Eggs
    Lunch: Spaghetti Squash w/ meat sauce
    Dinner: Tuna and Sweet Potato

  27. #paleoprincesses
    went to concert tonight and did not cheat!! yea me
    jenn g

  28. Baked sweet potato with eggs for breakfast.
    Chipotle chicken salad for lunch


  29. Breakfast- eggs sweet potato and avocado
    WOD-strength 205 fs/bs and metcon modified with knees to chest and softball game.


  30. No WOD today, but did some mobility. Foam rolling, couch stretching, and calf stretching.

    Leftover chicken stir fry and veggies.
    Tostadas w/o the taco shells

    Team Deez

  31. Lunch :chicken salad (AGAIN) I made way too much :)
    WOD: S/ 135# fs/bs and METCON w/knees to chest.

  32. WOD today was zumba at home. Chicken and watermelon for lunch today.

    Staying in the game#teamfuerza

  33. WOD was good all 6 rounds RX

    Dinner: ground beef, Brussel sprouts, sweet potatoes, and lots of water :)
    Paleo Beast Gals

  34. WOD boot camp

    Dinner: salmon and baked sweet potato

    Paleo Beast Gals

  35. Hey Guys. I hope everyone is feeling good.

    Amy gave me a great 4:30 Mod Wod
    Strick Press
    200 m row
    30 doggie (15 ea leg)
    12 KTW

    Today I had boiled eggs, Mixed Veggies

    Go Team Paleo Divas!!

    Kristi Lobban