Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Team Deez

"My name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father prepare to die!"
Nah for real, my name is Nick Rodriguez and my partner is Art Reyes and we are Team Deez.
Goal for this challenge is to be beach ready for June and maximize gains while staying injury free."

Rumor has it that these guys will be at the box for autographs most days this week.  We heard they are creating a website too for their fans.

Day 3

3 Rounds for Time
 20 SDHP (95/65)
 20 Power Cleans (95/65)
10 Overhead Squats (95/65)
5 CTB pull ups

RX 95/65
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  1. I like it, team DEEZ!!!! The wod was rough this morning , i can barely hold my cofee cup. shout out to Alma Rod for rx!!! way to go girl!! paleo princesses were working hard!
    have a great humpday y'all!!!!
    jenn g

  2. This morning was tough in my opinion. I was impressed with how much weight people did. I stuck with 32. chicken and bacon this morning and chicken for lunch. tons of protein!

  3. pre-WOD: Almonds & black coffee
    WOD - 19:28 rx just glad to get my day 3 in

    Team Flexy Beasts!

    1. Asa, you eat before a workout? I would be afraid I would throw up. I may have to try this small amount though!

  4. WOD: 13.09 @ 55#

    Eggs and cilantro for breakfast...

    #team rkelly

  5. WOD: 16:25 (i think) @ 55# ... this WOD was a killer!

    Banana for breakfast! :(


  6. WOD: at 6 am
    I think every workout is tough, but my competitive Napoleon complex will never allow me to quit a workout. EVER!

    Breakfast: eggs, spinach, and turkey sausage

  7. Breakfast: eggs, turkey sausage

  8. Wod at 5 am this morning that was some good tough stuff :)

    17:48 (I think) RX

    Breakfast: 2 eggs over medium, bacon and green salsa


  9. My WOD consisted of a 5 mile fartlek run (12 x 2:00min @ 7:15/mile pace x 30sec rest). Followed with stretching and will do some foam rolling tonight.
    Lunch- beef chili with avocado + baked sweet potato
    Go Team Fuerza! Stay strong Brenda!

  10. Good wod this morning. 12:50Rx
    Eggs, sweet potato, grapes breakfast
    Chili, broccoli, sweet potato, apple lunch
    Salmon with spinach for dinner, mango dessert.
    Team Buns and Guns! (Connor is my teammate)

  11. No WOD this morning. My goal for the day is 12,000 steps. My favorite thing I ate today was chicken and green beans. Go TFWS!

  12. My goal for today is 50 push ups and a wod. I had pulled pork and eggs for breakfast

    1. Eggs and pulled pork for breakfast, pork chops and veggies for lunch.
      Doing pull-up work
      Team Quilting Droid Builders

  13. Today was another great day! It was my 2nd full day on my new job with Amy and Asa......did I say I love it!! :-)

    Today I did the 4:30 WOD
    11:37 33#

    Today I had Boiled Eggs & Sweet Potatoes.

    Go Team Paleo Divas!!

    Remember Strong Starts Here!

  14. The WOD was tough for sure! I hadn't even started and felt my body so beat up. The fact that I only slept 6 hours didon't help either.
    I finished in 14:46 RX.

    Breakfast was eggs, spinach, sweet potato and bacon.

    Go team Paleo Divas!!!!

  15. No wod for me today... Bummer
    My food today was chicken fricasse - loaded with zucchini and mushrooms.
    PS - any recipe with smoked paprika is amaze-balls

  16. WOD 14:09 15#

    Breakfast: egg whites w/spinach,bacon,fruit,black coffee

    Great job today pareja!

    -Paleo Beast Gals

  17. Wod 15:22 RX weight but did RR

    Healthy food was grilled chicken and asparagus

    Team ball n chain

  18. Today's WOD kicked my ass. Completed the in 15:41 RX.
    Breakfast - Chorizo mixed with egg and kale.
    Lunch - chicken breast with cabbage.
    Snack- watermelon
    Dinner- baked pork chops with cauliflower rice.

  19. 15:19 RX. Not as fast as I'd like, but oh well.

    Took a customer to lunch. They had chicken fried steak, chopped steak smothered in gravy & mashed taters. I had a MF-ing Cobb salad - hold the dressing, They didn't make THAT much fun of me. Ready for my body to adjust. Hopefully sooner than later. Rest day tomorrow - still sore from Monday!

    Team FraNix & the White Silverados hanging in there....

  20. Activity: coaching 3 CF classes
    Food: making broccoli and ham omlettes for dinner and baked sweet potatoes
    Team Flexy Beasts

  21. I had a headache all day long.....grr!! I had a good WOD, would have liked to been faster but happy with the weight....55# 18 min
    I had boiled eggs, strawberries, not a fan but these were good, Brussels sprouts, eggplant and ground beef. And lots of water
    Team las paleoritas

  22. WOD 11:31 45# green band
    Spinach and eggs w/avocado for dinner


  23. No WOD today, got 12,000 steps in cowboy boots!! Eggs, sweet potato hash, and brisket for dinner!! Team Smash!!

  24. Today's WOD: 12:21 55# I was disappointed after my workout today. Went too heavy that my form was all jacked up. Def staying lighter!

    Dinner: spaghetti squash with meat sauce and a side of roasted asparagus.

    - Ashley P.

  25. WOD 12:25 #15 green band

    Salad with grilled chicken


    WOD 75# 17:34 but shoulders feeling better. Opt workout completed and 100 air squats.
    Dinner- chicken breast, broccoli and cauliflower with avocado


  27. WOD: Snatch and C&J-bad day. Dinner-chicken and brussels sprouts.

    Team Paleo Chicks

  28. That's right, we are even taking free pics for whoever wants one.

    Today's WOD
    15:59 @75# w/C2B's.
    Shout out to Justin, Kristin and our new intern Shuan P for the push today!

    Had grill chicken salad for lunch for salsa for dressing.

    Dinner chicken stir fry wit squash for my sides.

    Team Deez

  29. Couldn't make it to work out today. But will be back at it tomorrow. I had a healthy dinner, had tilapia with veggies and a side salad.

    Go Bonnie & Clyde, CFNM outlaws!!

  30. Todays workout was definitely a deadly one!!!
    WOD 18:50 rx/ green band
    For lunch i had a shrimp salad with some fruit and for dinner chicken with a side salad.
    Team In WOD We Trust

  31. WOD 15:58 75#, jumping pull ups (ring rows in second round)
    Favorite meal was my post-WOD meal: protein shake with a banana
    Thanks to everyone for the push!
    Team SMASH!!!

  32. 13:22RX
    Leftover cabbage and sausage

  33. WOD treadmill for 30 min for a nice jog. For dinner asparagus and baked chicken. I stayed away from all the candy at the meeting tables Anabel VM.


  34. Had sweet potato with eggs and ground beef,mixed all together for breakfast.

  35. The WOD's this week have really been challenging. I starting crashing during the last round and I cut those sets to ten. Not sure what went wrong there. I had breakfast and lunch. Perhaps just not enough. Back to the drawing board for me. I came in at 18:34 with a 65lb bar.
    Breakfast: three eggs and sausage with a sweet potato
    Lunch: small arugula salad w/ crab meat, tomato, bell pepper, cucumber
    Dinner: spaghetti squash w/ meat sauce. Cauliflower, broccoli and carrots

    Bonnie and Clyde
    "CFNM Outlaws"

  36. Walter
    B'fast: turkey omelette
    Lunch: slice apple with cinnamon
    Dinner: spaghetti Squash with garlic butter and shrimp. WOD: Ran 2 miles