Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Team Mom Jeans & Power Cleans
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10 min to find 1RM shoulder press
EMOM 10 min
Even: 10 one arm DB/KB push press
Odd: 30 double unders
4 rounds of 45 seconds on/15 seconds rest
Push press 75/55
Pull ups
Jumping Air Squats
rest 1 min between rounds
Coach's notes: Review barbell etiquette, practice dropping PVC to ensure that you safely know how to bail on the lift. Warm up with 5 reps with just a bar. FOCUS on straight back, no arching back or pushing bar forward. If arching or bar pushing forward instead of straight up, you MUST drop weight!
DON’T DROP BARS FROM OVERHEAD (loaded or empty). Either lower the bar back to the shoulders and place back on the rack or control the bar down to the hips or follow it with open hands and settle it on the first bounce. Keep both hands on the bar as you drop it to the ground to minimize bounce. One wrong bounce could send a barbell into another athlete.
Shoulder Press
Bar sits on shoulders with grip slightly wider than shoulder width
Elbows are below and in front of bar
Stance is approximately shoulder width
Head is tilted slightly back allowing bar to pass
Press bar directly overhead


  1. WOD: E with 35# DB/ 283 reps, Opt. 25 burpees & bar hang.

    Hard boiled egg pre WOD, meat head shake post WOD.

    Team Franix & the White Silverados.

  2. My wod was a slowish 2 mile jog. I sprinted a few times. bacon and a hardboiled egg for breakfast. Team Paleo Princesses!

  3. WOD: Strength 80# strict press // 197 reps 65# green band PUs.

    Breakfast: eggs, pork sausage, sweet potatoes.


  4. Who are those hotties?! Look like challenge winners to me! ;)

    WOD. Endurance and 1 round. Had to leave early.

    Going to have an apple and prob a salad with grilled chicken.


  5. WOD -
    endurance with 18# KB
    Metcon - 45#/ring rows 256 reps
    I'm starving and sore today!! I will eat anything in my sight (preferably paleo but it's gonna be an epic eating day)!!
    Team BallN'Chain
    Oh my gosh I didn't forget my team name!

  6. 145# Strict Press
    Metcon 218 reps @ 65#


  7. 5:00am MOD WOD


    DB Push Press 10 ea arm 12#
    30 step ups 6in box

    4 Rounds

    Push Press 35#
    Good Mornings 35#

    Total reps 231

    Great workout! Thanks Amy & Alma (my Paleo Diva team mate)! :-)

    Go Team Paleo Divas!!

  8. Press 95lb
    WOD RX 292 reps
    will go back later today to do optional/comp
    eggs for breakfast
    Team Flexy Beasts

    1. Damn you, Amy! I think I miscounted & really got 293. You better go again.

    2. It's hard going first. I had your score and Charmaine's to try to beat. You guys need to redo tonight. Pretty sure you would both get 300!

  9. Strength #70
    WOD:162 reps
    egg muffin and banana pancake muffin with sugar free coffee :)

    Team Paleo Beast Gals

  10. No WOD today, but I did do lots of walking at DFW and Washington Dullas.
    Gotta love travel days.

    Lunch bun less burger with sweet potato fries!

    Team Deez

  11. No WOD today, but will be there tomorrow.

    B: Eggs, Bacon and Sausage
    L: Turkey meatloaf, snap peas and zucchini
    D: Grilled Chicken, Avacado and bacon


  12. No official WOD since I hurt my neck/back. But today we worked in the warehouse, so that counts for something. Plus I have danced all day while we worked! :)

    Breakfast: Turkey sausage
    Lunch: ribs, sliced beef, and green beans
    Dinner: spinach salad with meatballs

    Team ???? Grace ( I don lost my Will!)

  13. Strength - strict press 95#
    Wod 274 Rx
    B - sardines gumbo
    L- Beef, broccoli, sweet potato
    D - Salmon, brussel sprouts, grapes

    Team Buns and Guns!

  14. Yes! Who ARE those hotties?!! ;)

    WOD: endurance
    222 53#, black band

    Root and carrot hash (yummy!!!!!)


  15. i ran and strengthed trained again today. salmon, bell pepper, cucumber, for diner
    paleo princesses
    jenn g

  16. Strength - 155#
    WOD - 190 RX

    Did the optional max 1 min burpees and got 17.. that was tough!
    scrambled eggs and sausage for breakfast.

    Team Ball 'n Chain

  17. WOD - stretch and play with the boy
    Dinner - ribs, asparagus, and frozen fruit for dessert

    Team Flexy Beasts!

  18. WOD- strength 165# and 212 RX
    Dinner chicken breast and veggies


  19. WOD: strength- 63#
    214 53# motified pull ups ( ring pull up)

    Dinner: grilled chicken salad
    Go team Bonnie and Clyde

  20. Trying to get this clinic schedule down. Cliff bar for breakfast (long story). Not bad today, but no WOD. Tram SMASH!!!

    1. That would be TEAM SMASH. I don't know what the Hell a Tram is.

  21. Endurance w/15# kb and singles
    Metcon- 274 w/33# bar and ring rows

    Eggs with kale this morning
    Steak w/grilled zucchini and onions

    Team Fuerza

  22. WOD: Strength 60# and 170 55# PU w/grn band
    I made some roasted almond butter-good but takes too long to make. Brussels sprouts and chicken avocado for dinner.
    Team Paleo Chicks!

  23. I didn't get in a WOD today because I am not feeling that great. I accomplished my step goal of 10,000 steps and hopefully tomorrow I will make a class. We had a salad with grilled chicken tonight for dinner.

  24. In today's WOD
    Strength - #155
    MetCon - #55/177 reps
    Lunch - chicken
    Dinner - Sweet Potato, Roast
    Beware, Bonnie and I were in the Box together today.
    #Team Bonnie and Clyde
    CFNM Outlaws

  25. WOD was a 30 min jog and for lunch grilled fish with grilled veggies

    Team fuerza yay

  26. No WOD today :(
    Breakfast- sweet potato and eggs
    Lunch- sweet potato and shredded chicken
    Dinner- chipotle chicken salad

  27. WOD:S/75# 142 rx used a green band for pull-ups
    Dinner: shrimp salad
    Team In WOD We Trust

  28. WOD: E; 168 #75 Band
    Bfast: bake chicken
    Lunch: turkey lettuce wrap
    Dinner: turkey lettuce wrap and grapes/strawberries
    Team SBAPRS!!!

  29. No WOD

    Dinner: fish,spinach,and broccoli