Sunday, May 10, 2015

Team Paleo Chicks
Goals: stay strict, get stronger, and improve technique in the Olympic lifts.
Let's see a pic of your team!


  1. We are celebrating Mother's Day at the Dallas athletic Club. They have a huge buffet brunch. It's going to be hard but I will stay strong!

  2. WOD: 2 sets of 600m/400m/500m

    We crazy people woke up to go running before the storm hit at 7am. It was fun and a great workout though. Happy Mother's Day for all the great mothers out there.

  3. First off happy Mother's Day to all of you wonderful mother!

    2 mile run and lots of stretching and foam rolling
    Ate a sweet potato


  4. Happy Mother's Day!!

    Banana with almond butter


  5. Happy Mothers Day!!

    WOD: Stairs with Liz and my partner ;)

    Breakfast: eggs, sausage and spinach with café

    Team Paleo beast gals

  6. Today I am preparing my meals for the week. This always helps me stay on track.

    Boiled Eggs
    Baked Chicken
    Sweet Potatoes
    Roasting Veggies

    No Wod today unless you count my washing, cleaning and cooking! :-)

    Make it a great 2nd week of the challenge!!

    Go Team Paleo Divas!!!

  7. I had a burger bowl - similar to twisted roots burger bowl except I used a plate, added way more veggies, and omitted dirty onion straws/cheese and dressing.

    WOD - my teammate and I are gonna head to the gym for a good workout.

    We might take a selfie since we are the only team without a picture.

    Happy Mother's Day!!!

    Team BallN'Chain

  8. I did a foam rolling class that felt like a workout. it hurt! Ground turkey, olives, lettuce for lunch. Team Paleo Princesses!

  9. happy mothers day!!!! i made this amazing sweet potato puree. and steak! ill do some mobility in a bit.
    team paleo princesses!!
    jenn g

  10. Turkey burger (no bread) and sweet potato fries. So good!!


    Happy Mothers Day to all you crossfitting Moms!!!

  11. Happy Mothers Day to the Hot Crossfit moms!

    Rest day.

    Barbacoa with salsa, avacado and sweet potato.

    Team Deez!

  12. Happy Mother's Day to all the hot mommas at our box! Ate bacon and eggs for breakfast. Did some good foam rolling today. Team SMASH!!!

  13. Stretching and foam rolling today. Turned down a free dessert for Mother's Day and had fruit instead.

    Staying strong. Team Fuerza

  14. WOD: 7 am run (more like a ruwajo-run walk jog combo) with Jason and the crew.

    Roast and green beans for dinner...

    Team Will and Grace

  15. Deck of UNO cards WOD with Sam. Jumping Jacks, sit-ups, push-ups & air squats. Hardest part of this diet is the no alcohol. Managed to be strong last night and this eve. Katie & I decided not to have a Mother's day bottle of vino. I guess that's good...

    Ate leftovers all day.

    1. Team Franix & the White Silverados - one week down.

  16. Breakfast: eggs with bacon
    No WOD
    Team In WOD We Trust

  17. Happy Mother's Day to all our CrossFit Moms!

    Best food today - reheated steak in the oven
    WOD - stretch and nap (basically acted like a lion all day)

    Flexy Beasts

  18. Activity: cleaning the house and playing with little Asa in the rain
    Food: cooking ribs and sweet potatoes now

    Team Flexy Beasts

  19. Happy Mother's Day! Eggs, sweet potato, brussel sprouts and slice mango breakfast. snack - Protein shake banana. Dinner chicken, green beans and spinach, grapes. Mobility - squat therapy.
    Team Buns and Guns!

  20. Me and the team mate went to the gym today for a little cardio / weight lifting.

    Eggs and sausage for breakfast.

    Team Ball 'n Chain

  21. Lots of stretching and air squats.
    Breakfast-a large vegetable omelet w/onions, peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, zucchini and broccoli along with a couple of bacon slices. Best part-no cooking or cleanup!
    Team Paleo Chicks.

  22. WOD:stretch entire lower body! (Especially ankles, hamstrings, and calves!

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  24. Chill Sunday. 
    Breakfast - kale and egg with chorizo
    Dinner - turkey meatball with spagetti squash

    Team Will and Grace

  25. Happy Mother's Day to all you beautiful and strong mamas.
    30min stair WOD with Alma and Maria
    Eggs and bacon with paleo banana pancakes.

  26. Happy Mothers Day to all the Moms.
    No WOD for me today. I went out for dinner and had a Pork Porterhouse with creamed spinach and brussel sprouts.

    Team Bonnie and Clyde

  27. Took a 30 min walk as my WOD ..... had a baked sweet potato and fruit.

    Team Fuerza staying strong!

  28. WOD was 2 rounds of 600m, 400m, and 500m sprints on the track early this morning. It was suppose to be 3 rounds but clouds and lightning proved a storm was imminent.

    Hubby made breakfast: bacon, eggs and fresh spinach.

    Team Paleo Divas!