Friday, May 8, 2015

Team Paleoritas
 We are Las Paleoritas!!
Goals: get toned, define muscles, and figure out how to make a Paleo-rita!
Day 5

Thrusters 95/65
Pull ups
10 min time cap
RX 95/65 under 10 min
75/45 under 10 min
45/15 under 10 min

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Come cheer on Holly, Jolynn, George, and Yansi at the Olympic Lifting meet tomorrow.

The Barn
1419 County Rd. 377 (Jackson Rd), Van Alstyne, TX, USA
Van Alstyne, USA





  1. Class was great this morning! Thanks Charmaine!! 5:27/45#/blue band

    We are having a macho bar at school today for teacher appreciation week...but I won't be enjoying delicious Nacho cheese. Instead I'll be eating brocolli (is that how it's spelled?), brussel sprouts, and chicken. Go TFWS!!

  2. Great 5:00am with my Team Flexy Beasts! Partner :)

    WOD - 9:57 (modified with 95# push press and strict CTB)

    This morning black coffee pre-wod, then banana and cashews post-wod

  3. Best Fran warm up ever!!! Thanks Charmaine!
    Fran rx 5:07
    I nearly passed out trying to keep up with Jason!
    Go team Flexy Beasts!
    Pre wod coffee with coconut milk
    Post wod banana
    Will have eggs, bacon, and broccoli for breakfast

  4. A calculated, disciplined 32sec Fran PR this morning @ 5:52, but still only managed third in my heat. I'll take it, tho. Good job Amy & Jason!

    Pretty much exact same menu today as last 4, except I'm getting some gourmet, $11/ lb, free range, organic, neck-bearded, Euro glasses wearing, hipster hot dogs thrown in the mix today.

    Go team FRANix & the White Silverados!!!

    1. Great job! Too bad you let a girl beat you though... LOL :)

    2. Something tells me Amy beats you more often than she beats me.

  5. Tiffany CameronMay 8, 2015 at 9:09 AM

    Today is a rest day for me which makes me feel guilty and lazy, but I will be there tomorrow! I just don't believe I can take 2 days in a row off without some regression in my progress.

    Breakfast same as last two days(scrambled eggs with spinach, turkey sausage)
    Lunch: veggie stir fry in olive oil with "skrimps"

    Team Will and Grace

  6. Good Morning.

    9:00am MOD WOD
    DL 60#

    I will have baked chicken and mix veggies for lunch today.

    Go Team Paleo Divas!!

  7. No WOD today, but I will try to be out there tomorrow, maybe I can possibly get Tony out of bed too... Wish me luck!

    Breakfast- Two Fried Eggs, Butternut Squash and Turkey Sausage
    Lunch: Lime, Cilantro Chicken Salad, and Sweet Potato Arugula Salad with Bacon.


  8. My Fran time was almost 8 minutes with a few bands and 40 pounds. I just ate my favorite lunch of ground turkey and green olives. The sweet potato arugula salad that Yessenia is having sounds delicious!
    Paloe princesses!

  9. did my 3rd day pull ups. eggs, and pulled pork and burger patties
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  10. Mom & me yoga moves with the little guy today for recovery.
    Dinner- brisket w/sweet potato

    Team Fuerza!

  11. WOD modified 75# 7:39 and optional workout
    Dinner blackened fish with bacon wrapped asparagus


  12. WOD - 8:40 95# and green band pull ups

    Lunch today was steak and asparagus.

    Team Ball 'n Chain

  13. Ran 2 1/2 miles with the fam.

    Salad with steamed chicken


  14. Happy Friday! No WOD today.

    Lunch: grilled chicken and veggies.
    Snacked on carrots and grapes.

    Go team Bonnnie and Clyde!! : )

  15. Walter
    Beast: turkey omelette; lunch: chicken breast, salad, and boil egg; Dinner: lettuce wrap turkey burger. WOD: 7:36 #95 RR
    Team S.B.A.B.P.R.!!!!!

  16. For dinner I had grilled tilapia with a side of sweet potatoes.

    Today's WOD: 7:45 #45
    Team Las Paleoritas!!

  17. Bacon and eggs for breakfast. No WOD. Was out at Great Wolf Lodge for my 11 year old's birthday. So, I did get a lot of activity at the water park. Team SMASH!!!

  18. Worked out at work today.
    1600 meter row
    3 sets of db strict presses
    3 max sets of dips and strict pull-ups
    4 sets of shoulder shrugs

    Team Deez

  19. Tuna and avocado salad for dinner w/ tomatos and jalepenos.

  20. Mini wods today. Trying to save my grip (I think legless rope climbs got me). did walking lunges, situps, air squats and mobility. Ate very little today - B-eggs, sweet potato- L&D chicken, broccoli, snack ham slices, almonds and banana.
    Team Buns and Guns!

  21. No WOD today, got 14,000 steps in, work is killing me!!

  22. #paleo princesses
    work was my wod today! lunch was brisket, spinach salad, and butternut squash.
    jenn g

  23. Fran: 6:56 I think

    Lunch: ground beef, sweet potatoes and Brussel sprouts

    Team paleontology beast gals

  24. A game of soccer was my WOD today.
    Lunch: Pork Chops w/squash

  25. Fran - 9:15 I think

    Breakfast - scrambled eggs, pork sausage, strawberries/blueberries


  26. WOD: 7:32 15# rr

    Dinner: Tuna, veggies,and drank water.

    Team Paleo Beast Gals : >

  27. Dropped in at Crossfit 214 on my way home from work. We did back squats and Annie, 50-40-30-20-10 of double unders and sit-ups. My double unders are gettin better.

    I had chicken thighs, roasted brussel sprouts and sweet potato for lunch.

    Team Paleo Divas!

  28. No WOD today - amazing and much needed sleep though!

    Spinach, eggs and avocado for lunch


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  30. WOD this morning Fran RX kipping pull-ups 9:22. Breakfast - folded egg with sausage patty.
    Brunch- Apple and an orange
    Lunch- Grilled Turkey with green beans
    Dinner- Veggie patties.

  31. This may not count but I hit preview instead of post....

    I did WOD zumba and had sweet potato with roasted turkey.

  32. brisket, 50 squats