Monday, May 11, 2015


The annual Lock and Load Weightlifting Championships, sponsored by Spoon Barbell Club at The Barn in Van Alstyne, was held this past weekend.  Despite the abnormally wet conditions, approximately 150 weight lifters participated, varying in age from 8 to 75 and in experience from novice lifters to national record holders. CFNM had 4 lifters in the meet: Jolynn and Holly bettered their state record performances in their respective age group/weight classes with gold medal wins (Jolynn snatched 33 kg and clean & jerked 41 kg while Holly went 32 kg and 45 kg in the lifts); Yansi performed very well for her first meet with a snatch of 63 kg and a clean & jerk of 75 kg (taking a silver medal in her weight class of the Open Division); and George went 65/80 kg in his lifts, also taking a silver in his age group/weight class.  Congratulate these athletes on their accomplishments when you see them.  Hard work pays off!
20 min AMRAP
5 pull ups
10 push ups
15 air squats
rest 2 min
2 min sit up test
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  1. AMRAP 14+2
    TEST 57

    Spaghetti spash and tomato sauce for lunch. Go TFTWS

  2. I'm doing this WOD at 9. Egg, almond butter, and banana for breakfast. Team Paleo Princesses!

  3. Cindy: 19+4. Demoralized 53 on the sit-ups. 1 round shy of Cindy PR, probably because this Paleo is making me fatter. Up 2# in the first week, 12# since the beginning of the CF Open (February???).

    Looking forward to eye of round roast & veggies for dinner.

    TFWS - Keeping the faith (by a friggin' thread)

    1. You got this T. Stay the course, you will soon reap the benefits.

  4. 21+9 RX. This is a PR.
    Breakfast was a protein shake with fruit.

  5. WOD at 6 am:12+5 RR
    Test: 632 in my head, 26 actually(not happy about that)

    Breakfast: protein shake with almond milk, blueberries, bananas

    Team Will and Grace

  6. Shout out to the people who competed this weekend and Awesome work out this morning it really put my bacon strip into seconds gear today
    Woooooo! Goo team bacon !!!!
    Breakfast I still don't know but Jason's breakfast sure sounds good

  7. Great job at The Barn this weekend!

    pre-WOD: black coffee, half a banana, almosts
    post-WOD: more of the same :)

    WOD - 18 + 3 Rx'd was shooting for 20, but I'm pleased with the PR!

    Go Flexy Beasts!!

  8. Super proud of all the hard work our lifters put in for the meet at the Barn. They represented well!
    WOD: RX 18+24 (old PR was 20+, I'm happy with today. Push ups got me early on)
    Sit ups: 70
    Food: baked chicken and mixed veggies
    Team Flexy Beasts

  9. Boot Camp today.
    Lunch: Salad with unsweet tea. Snack: Almonds
    Team-Paleo Beast Gals

  10. Breakfast: Banana, coffee and almond milk
    Lunch: Salad with hard boiled egg, avacado and tuna.

  11. I got in early for the WOD. I could barely move and I lost count but I kept moving, slowly. I got 45 GHD sit-ups, almost lost count.
    Lunch was pork loin, sweet potato and fresh spinach.

    Team Paleo Divas

  12. I did the 4:30 MOD WOD
    5 RingRow
    10 Push Ups
    20 Doggies (10 ea leg)
    2min sit up test
    86 situps

    Today I had boiled eggs and sweet potatoes

    Remember Strong Starts Here!

    Go Team Paleo Divas..........we got this!!

    1. Wow! 86 sit ups! You're still the sit up queen!

  13. Great job Holly, Jolynn, George, and Yansi!
    Bacon, eggs, and mixed fruit for breakfast.
    1st day of clinic orientation
    Mobility at home
    100 KB swings for time 2:33 35#
    Team SMASH!!!

  14. Awesome job, lifters!! It's awesome to see you guys get stronger week by week!!

    WOD - none for me today.

    Food -
    B - green protein shake
    L - zoodles, marinara, and hamburger patty
    S - veggie salad with paleo ranch dressing, sweet potato and tiny slice of chicken breast
    D - probably going to do some paleo taco lettuce cups. I'm debating on what protein choice to use for dinner.

    1. Dang - I always forget my team name.
      Team BallN'Chain

  15. Pork chops and sweet potatoes + 100 burpees = Fun Fun Fun!!
    Quilting Droid Builders!

  16. Go Quilting Droid Builders! Pork Chops and broiled sweet potatoes. 100 burpees for time.

  17. Wasn't able to make it to the box or get my run in this morning, and I felt sluggish all day without my regular morning workout. Took the little guy out for a 2 mile run with stroller after work.

    Snacks were berries and grapes and dinner was leftover steaks and sweet potatoes.

    Staying on track. Let's go Team Fuerza.

  18. WOD - 11 + 10.. did RR instead of pull ups

    lunch today was grilled chicken and asparagus

    Team Ball 'n Chain

    1. oh yeah and 45 sit ups

  19. Cardio workout this am.

    Apple with almond butter.


  20. WOD: Cindy 12 + 10

    Test: 40

    Breakfast: eggs, pork sausage, blueberries!


  21. AMRAP- 12+4
    Sit-ups- 44

    Chicken with baked sweet potato & Brussels sprouts


  22. Cardio workout this morning!!

    Chicken kabob, asparagus, and sautéed mushrooms


  23. May have been my early morning Monday brain fog since I can't remember my rounds, anyway 15 rounds at least. 69 situps.
    Sardines, avocado, apple.
    Team Buns and Guns!

  24. #team paleoprincesses
    cabbage and beef for dinner
    jenn g

  25. No WOD

    Breakfast: egg omelette with veggies
    Snacked on grapes and almond

    Go Bonnie & Clyde

  26. WOD- 10 rounds/ 35 sit ups!! I am hurting!!

  27. WOD Cindy 13 + 7 PR 48 sit-ups and optional workout
    Dinner chicken breast with broccoli and cauliflower


  28. WOD: 14+5 & 43 sit ups
    Dinner-cornish hen white meat only, brussels sprouts, tomato slices and a bit of avocado.
    Go Team Paleo Chicks!!

  29. Cindy
    14+ 7, I was aiming for 15 but still got a
    2 round PR from when I did it during benchmark week last October.
    Oh and 59 on the sit-up challenge, not bad for a guy without a six pack.

    For dinner I had Chicken, sweet tater, and spinach.

    Team Deez

  30. AMRAP: 13+5
    Test: 50 sit ups.
    Dinner- I had a avocado grilled chicken salad. It was the bomb dot com.

    Go Team Paleoritas!

  31. No WOD.
    Breakfast - Turkey sausage with egg
    No lunch
    Dinner Turkey meatball with squash.

    Team Will and Grace

  32. First time doing Cindy RX
    50 sit-ups
    Dinner - Coconut crusted tilapia with creamed spinach

    Team Bonnie and Clyde

  33. WOD was a 3.5 jog and for breakfast I had me some eggs with fruit ...... looking forward to tomorrow workout ......
    Staying fuerte! Go Team Fuerza

  34. WOD: 11/42 sit-ups
    Dinner: grilled shrimp with some spinach and mango
    Team In WOD We Trust

  35. WOD: 14+3 RR/45 sit-ups
    Dinner: Lettuce wrap turkey burger and sweet potatoe fries. Team S.B.A.B.P.R.!!!!

  36. Chicken and sweet potatoe