Sunday, May 24, 2015

We will be closed Monday, May 25. We will hold one workout at 9am.
Join us to try out "Murph".
And bring a friend!


  1. Another sunny day in Sunnyvale! I will probably go to the gym later for a relaxing workout. Going to buy meat to grill today. Banana pancakes for breakfast. Team Paleo Princesses!

  2. Home brew 15 min EMOM of 8 x GHD, 8 x 115# Thrusters & 30 x double unders. I learned yesterday how friggin' terrible I am at GHD sit-ups. Also did 10 RFT complex of 135# squat clean, 2 front squats & 1 thruster.

    Bring on the Murph!

    Team Franix & the White Silverados. Trying to get back on the wagon, but mother-in-law's in town so everyone's on edge. Need some pot.

  3. Active mobility stretching and a lot of hydration

    Breakfast eggs and sweet potato


  4. Randy rx 5;02, ROWED 2K, then ran intervals on treadmill for 20 min. did some ghd's. and med ball sit ups. i need a nap now. lunch was chicken and broccoli,and spinach salad. salad hd goat cheese. oops. the rest of my family had tamales and fried burritos and peach cobbler. so i am winning. i did taste the cobbler fyi.

  5. No WOD today.. pretty lazy day for me today.

    Ribs for lunch, they were delicious.. getting my mind right for tomorrow morning WOD.

    Team Ball 'n Chain

  6. 3-3-3-3-3 push press. Finished with 176#

    Dinner: brisket, ribs, green beans

    Team Flexy Beasts!

  7. Want for a run with my nephew. Looking forward to the WOD tomorrow.

    Dinner: beef fajitas and veggies and avocado.


  8. Team SBABPRs
    Salmon salad and sweet potato
    Long WOD
    Out of town taking the week off!

  9. I did a crossfit WOD today. Tons of burpees + 30 sec. handstand holds.
    For dinner: I went to a party with burgers so I just ate a salad and had the patty meat. It was pretty good!
    Team Las Paleoritas!

  10. No WOD
    Dinner: beef broccoli
    Team In WOD We Trust

  11. Rest day.

    Grilled chicken with a sweet potato


  12. Rest day!!!

    Half a grapefruit for a snack today


  13. 1st WOD: 10 reps of 1power clean, 2 front squats, and 1 thruster 95#
    2nd WOD: 10,20,30,40 so on into 100 then go down singles
    3rd WOD: 10 min AMRAP
    50 Russian twist 53#
    40 box jumps 21#
    30 wall ball push press 14#

    Breakfast: sweet potato and sausage


  14. Baked chicken with salad and my WOD was a nice 3 mile walk.

    Team fuerza

  15. Rest day and meal prep.

    Dinner ribs, sweet potatoes, and green salsa!

    Team Deez!!!