Wednesday, May 13, 2015


When Team Flexy Beasts are not busy flexing in the mirror, you can catch them either working out in or coaching a CrossFit Class.

Day 10

 5 RFT:
10 Burpees
15 KBS 53/35
20 KB SDHP 53/35
25 Knees to elbows

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  1. WOD: 23:08 26# knees to chest
    Today I am excited to eat a yummy fruit salad at lunch. Team Franix and the White Silverados.

  2. Tired this morning, so I loafed thru the WOD today with a 35# bell. Call it an active recovery WOD, I guess.

    Coffee & hard boiled egg pre WOD, egg casserole & protein shake post WOD. Fancy wiener for lunch & will be grilling chicken, burgers & chops for supper and the next few days.

    Team Franix & the White Silverados - 1st two to post.

  3. slept in this morning.i will go for a run for my wod.i will eat left over veggies, a chicken breast, and berries. fro lunch. have a great strong day everyone!!!
    team paleoprincesses!!
    jenn g

  4. WOD 20:68 35#

    Eggs with Coffee


  5. Couldn't make it to the box today. Will walk 12,000 steps.

    Salad with grilled chicken for lunch


  6. WOD: 4R+25 (10#)

    Breakfast: eggs, bacon, broccoli w coffee.

    Team Paleo Beast Gals

  7. This was a tough MOD WOD!
    10Push UPs
    15 KBS
    20 KB SDHP
    25 K2W

    16:27 15#

    Dinner: Baked Salmon & Mixed Salad

    Go Team Paleo Divas!!

  8. WOD 22:34 #26 KB

    Breakfast: Eggs, bacon, sweet potato


  9. 4 rounds + 36..

    Lunch was pork chops and asparagus.

    Team Ball 'n Chain

  10. This was a tough WOD. Was gonna go #35 but went RX instead.
    Only got 4 rounds plus 13.

    Dinner turkey breast and sausage w/ sweet taters!

    Team Deez

  11. WOD 4 rounds #70 KB
    Eggs with spinach and turkey bacon
    Winning Team SBABPRs

  12. Woke up feeling sick, was going to stay home. Started feeling better and got some lifting in today.
    Snatch triples 35kg, 35, 40, 45, 45kg
    Snatch pulls triples 52, 52, 52kg
    Hang clean triples 35, 35, 45, 45, 45, 60kg
    Clean pulls 5 reps at 55, 60, 60, 55kg
    Front squats 5 reps at 35, 35, 41, 45, 45kg

    Baked sweet potatoes with chicken and broccoli for dinner
    Team Flexy Beasts

  13. My hands don't like hanging from that bar. My favorite food today was a banana and almond butter. I'm glad I did the wod even thought i was tired. We are on day 10!! 15 more to go. Paleo Princesses.

  14. At least 3 people warned me about this WOD! Missed 6 am class but made the 6:30 pm class! No excuses for missing workouts from me anymore...

    4 +45 #18 knees to waist
    Optional workout 50 V-ups, 1 min accumulated bar hang

    Breakfast: bacon and eggs
    Lunch: taco soup(I'm sure this wasn't all paleo)
    Dinner: spinach chicken salad

    Team Will and Grace

  15. pork chops and grilled zucchini! Rest day
    Team Quilting droid builders!

  16. I was extremely tired today. However, I decided run 2 miles to get some type of workout in today. B'fast: scramble eggs and strawberries; lunch: green tea; Dinner: lettuce wrap fish taco. Team SBABPRS!!!!

  17. That was a tough WOD to come back to, especially not feeling well this week. 4+45 with 35# and supine leg raises to sub for K2E.
    Bacon, eggs, and fruit
    Hamburger patty with lettuce, pickles, and tomatoes with sweet potato fries
    Team SMASH!!!

  18. WOD 5 rounds 24:34 53# KBs K2W, optional workout completed, 100 air squats and 1 mile run

    Tuna with eggs and avocado


  19. No WOD for me - extra tired today so I rested and rushed off to work. Work was exercise for me!!

    I had some delicious cilantro lime marinated chicken for dinner with zoodles and mushrooms topped with marinara sauce.

    Lunch was salmon over garden fresh lettuce and cucumbers.

    Team BallN'Chain

  20. Happy Birthday Amy! I love you!!

    WOD - active rest :(
    Breakfast - sweet potato hash with walnuts and banana

    Go Team Flexy Beasts!

  21. Wasn't able to make it to Crossfit this morning, so spent 20 minutes this evening stretching and foam rolling.

    Eggs and kale this morning with a banana.

    Go team Fuerza!

  22. WOD: 4R 26#

    Very intense work out today. Barely made the 4 rounds. Knees to elbows were the toughest.

    Lunch: talapia with a salad and some aguacado

    And snacked on grapes and carrots

    Team Bonnie and Clyde

  23. No WOD today, sore from Monday and Tuesday!! Team Smash!!

  24. I didn't make it in to the box today and probably won't the next two days either. Had a minor surgery so doc said no working out. I did get some stretching in, rolled out and tried some pull ups.

    Lunch was spicy pork sausage on a bed of pepper medley with kale and half of a baked sweet potato.

  25. No WOD today-stretching and foam rolling done.
    Dinner: Salmon and kale
    Team Paleo Chicks

  26. Didn't make it to a workout today, but I did accomplish my 12,000 steps goal!! Woohoo!!

    Roasted chicken and spinach


  27. Wod: 4+15 #35
    Dinner: ground beef, sweet potatoes, Brussels sprouts

  28. WOD today
    3+62\45# k to waist
    Dinner - Salad with chicken strips

    Team Bonnie and Clyde

  29. WOD this morning. Breakfast was ground turkey omlett.
    Dinner was ground turkey and lettuce.

    Team Will and Grace

  30. Went in early and Worked late Wednesday, but I did my WOD a 3 mile walk with eggs and turkey sausage for breakfast.
    Yay. Team Fuerza