Friday, May 22, 2015

 We will be closed Monday, May 25. We will hold one workout at 9am. Join us to try out "Murph".
And bring a friend!
75 snatches for time 75/55
(55/35, 35/15)
6 min cap
"Randy" is a hero wod named after Randy Simmons, 51, a 27 year LAPD veteran and SWAT team member who was killed February 6, 2008 in the line of duty. He is survived by a wife and two children.
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  1. WOD: 5:42 Rx (thanks again Carmen!)

    Root and carrot hash with eggs

    There are a lot of variations out there but here's the link for the cabbage rolls recipe that I used. I substituted ground turkey for the pork and beef because I didn't have it on hand.


    1. Oh ya - that's the best recipe!! I sub for pork too but I happen to have both pork and hamburger so I might actually follow the recipe tonight!!
      Thanks Sam for the help with my questionable dinner plans!!

    2. Oh and you killed it this morning!!

  2. WOD (tough one!!) DNF 64 @ 55#
    B - ?? But starving!!
    L - hamburger salad
    D - ??

    Yay!! It's a holiday weekend!! 3 day weekends rock! If you gotta work - bummer!!

  3. WOD: DNF 62 @ 44#
    Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with breakfast sausage, green peppers, onions and tomatoes.

    Go Las Paleoritas!!!

  4. WOD: 50 reps within time cap with 75# (finished in 9:16)
    post-WOD breakfast: 2 boiled eggs with walnuts and almonds

    Team Flexy Beasts!

  5. WOD: 5:18 Rx, 70# Pull-Up, Comp optional with 5,5,5,5,6 HSPU.

    B: Eggs, cashews, strawberries
    L: Cowboy Chicken or Dickey's - haven't decided
    D: Grilling burgers, sirloin and chickens

    Team Franix & the White Silverados - looking forward to Regionals WOD#3 tomorrow & Murph on Mon.

  6. WOD: 60 @ 55# (did not finish) ... it was tough!

    Lunch: Baked chicken with squash, zucchini and brussels sprouts.


  7. completed 50 snatces at RX #55

    breakfast: 3 eggs over medium, 3 bacon strips, broccoli and coffee i was HUNGRY

    Team paleo beast gals :)

  8. Rest day for me today. Focusing on recovery and running the next couple of weeks. Will foam roll this evening.

    Breakfast- egg w/backing and left over zucchini


  9. Rest Day: Breakfast: Fruit and nuts, Lunch: Tuna Salad with hard boiled eggs and avacado.

  10. No WOD today. Rest Day.
    Lunch: egg omelette with veggies and bacon.
    Snack: dates and strawberries


  11. Will "Murph" be a partner workout monday? looks pretty intense

  12. I finished the WOD in 5:03, RX. I did the competition optional with 5-5-5-5-6 kipping HSPU and I did the 1000m row, took me 4:10 to finish. I was pooped! I have rowed 1000m in less time in the past.

    My husband made eggs with kale, bacon and sweet potato. I also had some blackberries.

    Team Paleo Divas

  13. Mobility today.
    B- eggs
    L - chili, broccoli, sweet potato
    D- chicken, brussel sprouts, mango
    Team Buns and Guns!

  14. WOD - 4:46 RX
    did the optional 1000M row too at 4:40

    Dinner grilled chicken and asparagus.

    Team Ball 'n Chain

  15. No WOD today.

    Breakfast: scrambled eggs and bacon
    Lunch: veggie mix
    Dinner: ?? No appetite

    Team Me :-/

  16. WOD. 5:19

    Banana. Can yall tell I like fruit? Ha!


  17. 2 mile run for my WOD today!

    Breakfast eggs and bacon.

    Missing my box and cf peeps.

    Team Deez

  18. WOD- DNF 71 reps RX and optional 1000m row 4:14

    Lunch tuna, eggs and avocado


  19. no wod today. i had steak and grilled veggies, and broccoli for dinner. and i had tuna over spinach for lunch.
    jenn g

  20. WOD 5:25 RX
    optional row 1000m 4:19
    baked sweet potato and salmon for lunch
    Team Flexy Beasts

  21. WOD walked for 45 mins. Breakfast eggs with bacon

    Staying strong! Team Fuerza

  22. WOD 60 at 15#

    Lunch: ground beef with mixed vegetables


  23. I wish there was at least a 6:30p class on Friday's. I would've love to have tried the "Randy" thus No WOD for me
    Dinner - Turkey Bacon and Eggs

    Team Bonnie and Clyde