Wednesday, June 24, 2015

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Spend 15 min working up to a heavy triple deadlift.

7 min AMRAP
10 deadlifts 225/155
14 pistols
21 double unders

Does CrossFit work?
Absolutely without a doubt, just ask your toddler! These guys are constantly performing functional movements at high intensity.

The bigger question is whether you are making time for fitness or simply jamming it into an already packed schedule.  In that case, the answer is a resounding, NO, because there is no sustainable fitness program that will work for any amount of time if you are “burning the candle at both ends.”

If you start a fitness program of any kind, and it is a relatively new part of your schedule and/or habits, then you have to make some important decisions.  Fitness is a way of life.  Fitness is true health insurance.  Fitness is a balance of exercising AND getting enough sleep and eating clean foods.

What does your schedule look like right now?  Most of us are working 50-60+ hours per week.  This is a 10-12 hour work day, so let’s say you work from 8am to 6pm.  (We won’t get into the daily commute, which can be horrific and often consume 5-10 hours per week.)  Next we have family/social/personal responsibilities and commitments after work, which can range from kids’ sports to community activities.  These can consume most of our evenings and a good part of the weekend.  Then there is dinner and “me time”, which often occurs between the hours of 10pm-midnight.  We wake as late as possible to squeak out 5-7 hours of sleep before racing to work and starting the cycle all over…  BUT NOW we have decided to get healthy because there is an incentive program at work (not shorter work days of course, only $10 off a gym membership/insurance/etc) or your doctor just put you on blood pressure, cholesterol, or anti-whateverelseisjackedinyourbody. 

We look at our schedules and say no problem, “I can keep doing exactly what I’m doing, but I’m going to wake up earlier now and get my wod in before work!” Results are awesome!  You start feeling energized and lose 2 pounds in the first week because exercise is great and the body responds well to it despite our best efforts to destroy it.  Some of us can maintain this for a few months and others for a year, maybe two, because we will inevitably take “a day off”, i.e. a week or month off every few weeks when we hit a wall where nothing will wake us and/or any thousands of excuses come up.  Then, we look back and say, “This exercise thing doesn’t do any good.  I’ve gained 10 pounds and been working out every day for a year.” (We do not remember that we actually only worked out the equivalent of 1-2 months at best between our “days off.”  Never really ate healthy other than the salad we ate once.  Never got more than 8 hours of sleep on a consistent basis or ever.)

What’s the solution? Open one of 2 Doors:  Door A - make some serious life changes, Door B - get ready for some serious life changes

What’s the big difference?  Door A will be changes you make and Door B will be changes your body, doctors, or family will be making for you.
CrossFit will work for any human. You just have to make sure that you are doing your part outside of CrossFit to make those results happen!


  1. Good Morning.

    Future CFNM Athletes!! I bet their "mommies" are AMAZING athletes at CFNM!!!

    Great Information. Thank's for the reminder........we all need a self check from time to time!

    Strong Starts Here!

  2. Awesome information AMY!!! I agree 100% you can't workout and expect to look extra fit if you can't choose healthy eating options to go with that :)

  3. I agree, great info Amy! I can certainly relate to all points touched on. Having two very active kids, a husband, to work, cook, clean, do laundry, buy groceries, organize family, find time to workout and attempt to keep what was once a very active social life is challenging. All of these things can easily overshadow very important aspects of life such as having an adequate amount of sleep and a healthy diet. It is within my control to make the necessary changes in order to ensure I am sleeping and eating well. Completely revamping life as you know it can be daunting but feasible. Looking fit is important however, being healthy is crucial for a long and active life. Being committed to sleeping and eating well and getting our workouts in is crucial to our health, thus giving us a long, functional life. This is by no means easy but it is well worth it.

  4. Oh! I failed to mention that I think those are the most adorable toddlers EVER! They must look just like their mommies.

    1. Absolutely on the kiddos and everything else you said!!!

  5. 235 deadlift
    3+1 at 185#, pistols to 16" box, DUs
    Got all three rounds of deadlifts unbroken

    Great points Amy ;) I love you


  6. Almost took a rest day bc I was so sore from yesterday, but figured today would help work the soreness out and it did!
    3RM 180# on DL (fun lifting with Nicole!)
    WOD RX 3+15

  7. Cute pic! Great points Amy - Fitness is absolutely a way of life. Daily choices add up over time for better or for worse. Definitely choose Door A!
    245# DL - 3+12 - used 1lb plate under heel for pistols.

  8. Deadlift 3RM 325

    WOD 2+18 225# 16" pistols DU's.