Monday, June 22, 2015

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Pull ups: When to kip, when to butterfly, when to perform strict? What about that muscle up?

Guidelines to help keep your shoulders safe:
  • 3-5 strict pull ups before learning to kip
  • 20 unbroken kipping pull ups before learning to butterfly
  • 15 strict pull ups and 15 ring dips before learning muscle up

Made popular by CrossFit and done correctly, the kipping pull up is a beautifully executed combination of technique and strength that allows an athlete to do more work in a shorter amount of time.  We encourage all CrossFitters to become proficient with ring rows and strict pull ups prior to introducing kipping pull ups into a workout for several reasons.

We want to think of CrossFit in terms of longevity. CrossFit can keep you lean, strong, and healthy at any age. We certainly don’t want an injury to end our CrossFit journey prematurely!


The picture shows the shoulder joint with all of its connective tissue, bursa and ligaments.  Looks pretty complex, right? 

“So back to my point about pull-ups.  I have seen SO MANY ATHLETES knocking out kipping pull-ups, but when I ask them to do a strict pull-up, they simply can´t do it.  This is a huge problem.  These athletes’ muscles that surround their shoulders aren´t strong enough to handle pulling their bodyweight above the pull-up bar.  Fast forward to an athlete using their hips to get them above the bar. No harm done.  What about on the way down?  The downward phase is where things go wrong! You have your entire bodyweight moving quickly downwards, and now we are adding in gravity and the downward momentum of our bodies…what do we expect is going to bring us to a halt?? If the musculature isn’t there to even get you up in the first place, then it is your shoulder joint that is going to take the beating, trying to stop your body’s momentum to get ready for the next big kip.” Read more HERE.

We have posted another pull up progression program that will last for several weeks! There are options for every level. You can do it if you have 0 pull ups and want to get your first. You can do it if you can do 50 pull ups and want to get better at L pull ups and muscle ups! Do it 3 days each week after the wods!
21 Thrusters 115/75
Rest 1 min
15 Thrusters
Rest 1 min
9 Thrusters
Rest 1 min
12 Power Snatch 115/75
Rest 1 min
9 Power Snatch
Rest 1 min
6 Power Snatch
Rest 1 min
9 Hang Squat Clean 115/75
Rest 1 min
6 Hang Squat Clean
Rest 1 min
3 Hang Squat Clean
All reps must be unbroken. If you drop the bar your set is done. Post total reps and time for your score.



  1. Happy Monday!! I hope all the CFNM Dads had a awesome Father's Day!!

    Great Pull Up information. Looking forward to the pull up progression program!

    Make it a great day.

    Strong Starts Here!!

  2. Love all of the great info!! Great WOD today. I'd like to do this again soon. I only had 5 hours of sleep and felt extra tired. I was able to finish 21 thrusters but then only 10 of the 15 and then 9. On the snatch I was able to do 9,9 and 6. I did all of the hang cleans. I used the prescribed weight of 75#.

    1. Oh, my time was 14 something. Didn't realize we had to look at the time. I took my time on those 21 thrusters.

  3. I did the workout this morning all with dumbbells instead of the bar because I don't have access to one here at the condo & all with a beach view! :) (used 25# throughout the workout)

  4. Thrusters blow! I used to love them but nowadays they make me feel like a big loser.
    90 @ 55# 12:30
    Hardest part of the workout - 15 thrusters at about rep 6... I cringed.
    Then I got to the snatches thinking this is my jam... Not so much!! Struggle city...
    Relieved to get to hang squat cleans... And 3 reps to end it.

    1. haha! Great WOD recap! I have the opposite relationship with thrusters. I have always hated them, but since this year's Open I love them. They did not love me today though.

  5. 14:03 78 reps or 83 reps, can't remember. 75# for thrusters and snatches, 15#DB for hang cleans
    21 thrusters felt heavy and slow, can't believe how hard the 15's felt (made 11 of them), finished all 9
    Snatches 12, 6,1 (did something to my wrist during the 1 min rest! set the bar down and tried to stretch out my wrist and something pulled, was only able to do 1 snatch after that.)
    Tried 1 clean and wrist hurt, so finished up with dumbbells.
    This was a tough but fun workout!
    Asa worked on my wrist after class and it's better now so will retry this workout tonight. HA! kidding! I'll wait to see if this one comes around again at a later date.

  6. 85-ish reps with 100#, 14:XX. Finished all of the thrusters. Too gasses and awkward on the snatches to do them unbroken. I finished all of the reps but I dropped the bar at 9-ish in the first round (I know I should have stopped there but pride wouldn't let me...) and 7-ish on the second round. Did 6 reps unbroken. HPC no problem. Wish I would have just manned up and done Rx weight to see if I could do all of the thrusters & just took a low score on the snatches. Oh well.

  7. WOD - 90 reps at 75# push press, HPS, HPC in 13:06