Friday, June 12, 2015

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Back Squat 225/155
Box Jumps 24/20
1:1 work to rest ration, so rest between rounds the same amount of time you took to complete each round.

Post time for each round.

What has been your favorite workout this week?


  1. Morning everyone my favorite work out of this week hands down has to be fight gone bad because I love having to jump from one station to another with constant variation on exercises I think the main reason why I love it so much is because it reminds me so much of circuit training in the fire academy :D

  2. My favorite was Helen followed by the handstand push up wod. Liked Monday's wod too with the muscle ups.

  3. My favorite workout this week was "Fight Gone Bad". I really liked all workouts this week, didn't do Monday's, but they were all so much fun. I regret using the plate and ab mat for HSPU.

    I did not get up to 155# on back squat today. I used 145# and a 24" box. Jen and Roy helped me through the last set. Thanks!!

  4. Can still squat 225. Who knew? This big guy is too hefty for box jumps yet, though! Good workout!

  5. Favorite WOD was a toss up between Helen & FGB. No PR on either but they felt good and were a lot of fun!

    WOD - Deadkifts (95#) and 30" box jumps
    today :57, 1:15 ish, 2:00 ish (knees annoying me)


  6. 135lb and 20" box jumps
    :47, 1:38, 2:32