Monday, June 15, 2015


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EMOM 14 min
Even: 2 squat cleans + 1 push jerk 185/125
Odd: 3-7 pike push ups
Coach's Notes: Pike push ups are a great way to increase strength for the handstand push up without breaking form. You get to go through the full range of motion of the handstand push up while keeping a nice straight back. No handstand push ups allowed for this wod.
RX: feet on a high box, hips over shoulders and hands, touch top of head to floor performing 7 reps
Modify: use a lower box or feet on floor, head to ab mats, <7 reps, or plank for 20 seconds
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  1. I did the first 2 rounds with 115# and the last 5 rounds with 125#, I think I would'be been okay with the 125# from the beginning. I did 7 pike push-ups on every round.

  2. First 2 rounds #130, last 5 #125, 7 pike push ups 24" box each round. Good Wod.

  3. Modified with Even: Good mornings (15 @ 145# for first 2, then 10 @ 115# for 5) and 5-7 pike push ups with feet on 24" box

    Brutal modification! Great Day!!

  4. 145# to work on form. Don't remember doing "full" squat cleans ever before, so needed to work on form (and still do). 12" box pikes first 2 rounds, stepped up to 20".

  5. sad I missed this wod, but did a mod wod at home with Kristi and Kay today. It was fun!