Tuesday, June 2, 2015

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Deadlift 225/155
wall walks
Run 200m between each round

Test: max unbroken wall balls

Coach's Notes: Deadlift-weight in heels, chest up and brace the abs to keep neutral spine, keep bar close to legs, and feel your shoulders and hips rising at the same rate.  Take some time warming up to the workout weight. Here is an example for RX weights:
10 DL with bar
7 light DL (95/75)
5 medium DL (135/95)
3-3-3 DL each set climbing up to working weight (155/115, 185/135, 225/155)



  1. WOD RX 8:25
    Wall balls 14# 33 unbroken

    1. Great time, Mrs. Wallwalker. That'll be a tough one to beat. Guess 155 wasn't so heavy after all. I expect more WB out of you, though.

    2. Wall walks were ok. That many deadlifts at that weight felt super heavy! Yes, I am embarrassed that I didn't break 50 on the wb. But I told Jason that I actually think there is something wrong with you for being able to do that many after that brutal wod. Are you missing pain receptors?

    3. I like wall balls. They don't hurt so much, just make your arms & legs wobbly after a while. Yes, I have pain receptors. They are all in my abdomen. 10 days later, I'm still sore from those GHDs!

  2. WOD 165# 13:10
    Wall balls 14# 17 unbroken


  3. Loved the WOD today! woot! one I could RX ! Thank you so much for cheering me on Amy!!! makes all the difference in a workout when someones nudging you along! :-) I wish I could have done it faster but Im proud of myself for getting it done!
    15:19 RX Wall balls only #20 with #8 ball coz Asa has me throwing light overhead, and coz I was having an icecream headache from the wod still .... haha! Im going to do that wall ball thing next time Im early to the box and see what I can really do!

    1. Great job! wall walks were beautiful to watch!

  4. WOD - DNF (225DL, 21-15-9, didn't get last 3 wall walks and run)
    31 UB wall balls 20# thanks Drew!

  5. WOD: DNF (#205 DL) 2 rounds; 21 wall balls #14. That was straight torture!!! However, I like it.