Thursday, June 4, 2015

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For time:
150 med ball cleans 20/14
every minute on the minute perform 10 double unders
Partner up in teams of 2 if you like, or tackle this one alone.
2 min sit up test (compare to May 11, 2015)
Did you improve your score?
Med ball cleans "may in fact have clearer application, than cleaning with a bar, to heaving a bag of cement into a pick-up or hucking up a toddler to put in a car seat. Yes, the benefit transfers to the bar - even for our better lifters! " -Greg Glassman



  1. 13:48 RX/ 44 GHD sit-ups
    That was a hard workout but lots of fun.

  2. WOD RX 13:30
    sit ups 72 (last time we tested I got 70)

  3. Good job ladies. I want to try again shooting for 10-11 consistent rounds and a strong finish. I started too hot and had to take it ez on a few rounds in the middle to catch my breath. I think the sweet spot for me would be 2 sets of six wall balls each minute. Did I say wall balls? I meant med ball cleans with a wall ball. 5am humor.

    1. haha, took your advice and didn't go all out at the beginning. Was able to pick up the speed at end. I would like to do this one again too, but not too soon!

  4. Ok I'm going home now and curling up in the fetal position... This WOD made me want to cry (and I might have for a split second). Only one other WOD has gotten to me like that and it as a chipper with heavy front squats.

    15:53 Rx and 64 sit-ups

  5. Whew..........even though my WOD was a MOD WOD it was still tough!

    I finished it in 8:46

    I did 87 situps. Last time I did 86.

    Have a great evening!!

    Strong Starts Here!

  6. Dang! I missed a good one today. Rest :(

  7. That was brutal!
    RX 143 in 20 minutes.
    Had some issues with my rope (RIP).
    Thanks Asa for trying to fix it.
    Only got 83 on the sit-up. I couldn't catch Kristy, but I PR'd considering I got 59 last time!