Friday, June 5, 2015

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10x 100 meter sprints
rest as needed between efforts
5x5 PVC wall overhead squats
Sure you can do sprints on your own, but will you? And if you do, will you push yourself as hard as you would if you were sprinting with a group? Come on in and sprint with the group.
Inspiration for your sprints today:
"Per Astrand, a world-renowned exercise physiologist, argues that major adaptations for human survival 'were consistent with habitual physical activity, including endurance and peak effort alternated with rest.' We evolved performing lots of endurance activities such as tracking animals, moving with the seasons, gathering food and materials, building shelter, etc. However, we also required very short-duration outputs of peak power during fights and sprints (to chase, or flee, an opponent or animal). Hence, sprinting distances of 10 to 40 meters is probably one of the most fundamental physical survival skills we ever developed as humans. If you were fleeing a more powerful animal you probably would be sprinting a short distance to safety or shelter. If you were too far away from safety you would have to turn and fight. Either way, you needed to be powerful…. and the outcome, good or bad, was probably decided in a matter of seconds." -Tony Leyland


  1. I didn't make it in this morning so I did Wednesday's workout at home. It's kinda hard because I didn't feel safe trying to string the toes to bar together on my pull up bar. I also worked on strict pull- ups, push ups and pistols.

    Have a good day!

  2. Did a home brew WOD that my sister came up with earlier in the week to see if I could beat her. For time: 1 mile run, 100 air squats, 1 mile run, 100 sit ups, 1 mile run, 100 box steps-ups (24"). 37:48. Finished with a swim. Felt good.

  3. WOD - 00:15-00:17 on the sprints

    Thanks Art for the push!
    Brad had the fastest at :13
    Art 2nd with :14
    I could never break :15