Thursday, July 23, 2015

Are your friends jealous of how amazing a CrossFitter you are?
Well... Bring them to try a FREE Class today :)
Complete as fast as possible:
500m row
25 sit ups
rest as needed
repeat for 5 rounds
Score is total time of each round


  1. My friends are all already Crossfitters! Boom!

  2. My friends that don't Crossfit are too lazy or scared to do Crossfit. POW!

    Today's was a good one! Recovery day - think again!!

  3. WOD- 2:49/2:53/2:56/2:56/2:47
    I love rowing but today was hard. My knees have been hurting since that competition. Asa got into them today and I will see him a couple more times. I can't stand being limited!
    Thanks Jose for the push on that last round.

  4. All of my friends have already started learning cross-fit seeing my performance.But now its time for competition. I will bring them for sure and compete.My another plus point is I have got a pair of best shoes for crossfit but they don't have.