Thursday, July 2, 2015

Row Racing.
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Run 200m
60 sit ups
50 KBS 53/35
40 lunge walks
30 push ups
20 CTB pull ups
Run 200m


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“By now, we’ve all heard the negatives that seem to accompany CrossFit: it’s dangerous, it leads to injury, it makes you bulk up … but what about the other side of the coin? What is it about CrossFit that’s got everyone talking?
Many people who stumble into this world of CrossFit emerge as changed people. I’m not talking about the physical changes. (Though of course, they’re a bonus!) For CrossFitters, the greatest transformation is in the mind. I’d like to share some of the shifts I have witnessed firsthand, in everyday people, after two and a half years of running a CrossFit gym.” – Kristi Hrivnak, Owner of CrossFit Vortex.

Here’s the list. Read more at the link above.
1. They walk taller.
2. They embrace the booty [or insert least favorite body part here].
3. They unleash their inner athlete.
4. They think stronger.
5. They surprise themselves.
6. They let go of judgement.


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  2. I stumbled into CFNM two years ago without even a clue as to what Crossfit was. I strongly believe had I researched what Crossfit was before giving it a try, I would've never walked through those doors. As an athlete in high school, school pride was of the utmost importance therefore winning was crucial. I learned many valuable lessons from each sport, coach and from all of my peers. However, Crossfit has taught me so many things about myself! I realize now that my mind is boss, that the body is a machine which must be fueled properly, that I am capable of much more and that I can be a sissy at times. The best thing about Crossfit is the community.

  3. I finished today's WOD in 15:05, RX with GHD sit-ups and with a 33# bar on the lunges. The only thing I performed unbroken were the 50 KBS.

  4. WOD - 16:46 RX + (ghd sit ups, 45# overhead walking lunges)

    Thank you Alma and Jason for the Rx + idea. Not really there yet but really enjoyed the push... 1/3 was the sit ups. KB were easiest. Lunges hurt the knees but glutes maybe more.

    I did this one on my own but the community is what motivated me. All of you are awesome! And what you are doing is not only for you but those that see you and are inspired by you at home, work, etc. You are moving yourselves and the world.


  5. Awesome workout this morning!!! 14:27 RX - I got the C2B one by one, but I finished!! I love sit ups but they weren't the easiest part of the workout!! Dare I say the 200 m runs were the easiest part for me?!?

    1. I did not know you had those C2B! Way to go Carmen!!

    2. Surprise!! I got lots of tricks!!!

  6. For a change I was one of the first ones out the door on the last run! lol Go me! And I ran! I didnt get the charly horse until AFTER It was over this time! ha!ha! Loved this wod!! Hardest part was the RUN to me........... had to use a band on the C2B so Asa wouldnt yell at me in the Dr. Office next week, and a lighter kb, but still loved it! Fav part.... KB Swings!

  7. I agree with Alma and Asa. The CFNM Family is what keeps me going. Everyone has issues in their lives that keep them stressed but when I walk into CFNM box and see my CF family I feel a sense of calm come over me!!
    Did the 9:00 class. Great WOD. My favorite were the Sit UPs!! My time was 13:18. My MOD was Row,RR,Doggies,Pushup w/band and KB 26#. Great Class!!

    I hope everyone is getting ready for FUN 4th of July!!!

    Strong Starts Here!!

  8. As a recent 2-year breast cancer survivor, CF has become my new challenge!! My motto is "If I can beat Breast Cancer, I can do anything!!!"
    I am in my second week, and am feeling great!! I'm determined to get in the best shape of my life while being surrounded by positivity. I have to modify my WOD's but that is okay. Today I finished my WOD in 18:05. :)

  9. 15:59 53# with thick black band on CTB's. Last couple were more like forehead to bar. "Ran" instead of rowed. July goal: Foam rolled my lats and stretched with band before workout. Did tabletop stretches 3x today.