Wednesday, July 8, 2015

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3 rounds of
:40 on, :20 off
Row max calories
Push press 75/55
Double unders
Power snatch 75/55
*score is total reps completed + calories rowed.

Optional Endurance
3x3 minute bike (rest 3 minutes between efforts)

Are you making daily efforts toward your Summer fitness goals?
We want to see you succeed! You must first commit to working toward your goals daily if you are serious about achieving them.  Once you achieve your goal, cross it out on the whiteboard. We want to see all goals achieved by the end of the Summer!

Here are some plans for some of the goals we have seen on the board:

1. Attendance: if your goal is to get to the box more, how many times have you been this week? It's only Wednesday! Get to the gym!

2. Pull Ups/Ring Dips/Muscle Ups: Are you following the pull up program at least 3x/week after class? If you have several strict pull ups and ring dips, ask a coach to teach you the muscle up transition drills on the low rings. You should try to complete 10 after class each day and do some extra ring supports.

3. Improve Flexibility: Improved flexibility will result in improved workout performance. Do you have tight shoulders, hips, ankles? Ask a coach for some stretches to do daily specific to your needs.

4. Handstand: Get upside down everyday! Box handstands are a great way to improve upper body strength while stacking your hips directly over your hands. (hands on floor, feet on box) Work up to holding one for 30 sec. or longer. Handstands against the wall and free standing handstands are great too, but many people arch their back and have angles in their shoulders preventing them from finding their center of gravity. Fix this on the box.

5. Squats/Pistols: Ask a coach to show you some "wall squat therapy". Sometimes tight hips and ankles are the problem, so you might need to be doing daily mobility!

6. Double Unders: Check out the video, grab a rope after class and practice, practice, practice!

5. Endurance/Running: Completing a WOD for time gets our heart rate up, so essentially we are training our cardiovascular system daily (endurance)! However, if you struggle particularly with running or rowing wods we are offering "optional endurance" twice a week. You can complete it after class!

7. Nutrition: Check this out. Talk to a coach if you still have questions.


  1. Another fun WOD.....great job, 5:00 a.m.!

    1. Is that 3 wods this week? WOW! You're serious about your goal!

    2. Yes.....and 5 last week! Shhhh.....don't call it a comeback!

  2. Great to be back!! Awesome WOD, feel great!!

  3. 240 RX

    Great to Lance and Arnold both this morning!


  4. 286Rx
    Angelica did great today on singles - she was able to take that pause out of her jump and link singles together more fluidly.

  5. Wasn't going to get to workout today, but Shaun coached the 5:30pm class and I got to work out! Great coaching Shaun!
    WOD Rx 290
    My goal is a strict muscle up this summer. I can string together a few kipping muscle ups, but think it would be more beneficial to work on strict. Same concept as pull ups. Working daily toward that goal.