Monday, August 31, 2015

AMRAP 20 min:
200m run, 25 power cleans 115/75
200m run, 25 front squats 115/75
200m run, 25 push press 115/75
200m run, 25 thrusters 115/75
200m run, max unbroken squat cleans 115/75
Squat cleans are touch and go. If there is a break, pause, re-grip, or dropped bar the athlete starts the next round with the 200m run and 25 power cleans...
Post total rounds + reps and total squat cleans.
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  1. Super fun workout!
    1 round (78#, 6 squat cleans)

  2. Completed Thrusters at 19:00 RX
    No squat cleans.


  3. Got down all the way to 10 Thrusters RX
    Great work out had fun doing it

  4. I got 1 round and did 11 squat cleans at the RX weight. It was hard. My goal wa to get 15 squat cleans.