Thursday, September 24, 2015

Did Team Blue fuel on donuts?
Check out Carmen's recap of Team Blue's experience in Part I of the CrossFit Team Series.

I loved the workouts!  I felt as if we pushed each other beyond our day to day efforts.  There are definitely weaknesses we all possess, but having the team there relying upon you gives a different dynamic to giving 100%. 
No doubt I would have quit the thruster/pull up workout if not knowing my team was waiting on me to finish my reps to advance.  30 pull-ups are damn near impossible for me to finish in any reasonable amount of time, but I had to finish!  Jason, Shaun, and Alma were right there motivating me to keep moving - one pull-up at a time. I can't forget the judges - Jen and Kristi - they kept pushing me as I slowly chipped away at each rep.  This was one workout I can say my mind went into another state.  I had to have blacked out to finish those reps. 

Clean and jerk event was my favorite. I would love to do this one again. I think we could double our reps the second time around.  Ha!  
I think we are ranked 80th, but I am not sure I know how to read this leaderboard.  Like Alma, I thought we were ranked in the high 50s. 
20 Kettlebell Swings (53/35)
20 AbMat Sit-Ups
20 Box Step Ups
200 Meter Run


  1. Donuts........what is that about????

    Great 6:00am Mod Wod
    20 KB 26#
    20 Situps
    20 DB Presses 10#
    200 meter row
    4 rounds!

    Strong Starts Here...........NO DONUTS!!!!

  2. Looking at a donut makes me gain 10#. Thanks a lot, Crossfit blog!!

  3. Haha Carmen! I looooove donuts as well. Who ever said CrossFitters were perfect? One donut hardly merits an intervention. 😋

    1. mmmm chocolate donuts....slightly warm :)

    2. Your killing me right now.........haaaaaaaaaa

    3. If yall do an intervention for me, I will wear a giant donut costume to the intervention, and eat donuts during the intervention. I will bring my Ninja blender and blend 3 donuts with my protein shake and drink it while wearing glasses made of donuts.

    4. I will pay to see that!

  4. Hahah I wish I could eat a donut I've worked to hard kissing 20pounds I probably should of entered that nutrition challenge I'm sure my team would of won lol
    Today's WOD was good I kept trying to make excuses for not to go but some how some way I made it even doe Jenn made me do 20 burpees for being late 😅 All I told my self throughout this work out was "Being tiered is just a State of mind" and hey it worked out real good I finished 3rounds +35RX

  5. I meant so say losing not kissing 20 pounds lol

  6. Lol funniest blogging ever. I want to see this intervention:)

    Wod - 1 mile barefoot walk with Asa this morning, 1 mile barefoot walk with Amy this evening