Tuesday, September 8, 2015

EMOM 10 min
Even: 5 DL (endurance:10-15 light)
Odd: 5 push press (e: 10-15 light)

50 Double unders
20 Box Jumps 24/20
10 TTB

The CrossFit competition year doesn’t end with the CrossFit Games. While the Games are in the offseason, CrossFit will host the CrossFit Team Series. And we have two amazing teams representing CrossFit North Mesquite!
The first set of workouts will be released Sept. 8 (that's today!), and the second and final set of workouts will be released in October.
Once the workouts are released, we will announce when the teams will be performing the workouts so that you can come cheer them on!

Team Orange: Alma R, Steven, Jose, Liz
Team Blue: Alma S., Carmen, Shaun, Jason


  1. Today's Mod Wod was great!
    2+(bike 1 min+12stepups)

    Can't wait to watch Team Orange and Team Blue Kick Butt!!

  2. EMOM - 165#/83#
    Wod - 3+55 rx

    Good workout this morning! Good to be back after a few days off... #teamblue

  3. Great looking deadlifts and push presses today! And I was super impressed with the amount of people doing toes to bar RX!!! If I try to name them all here I know I will leave someone out. You know who you are!

    Can't wait to hear what the Team series wods are!!!

  4. I loved my mod wod! Thanks Amy!! My back and butt cheek are feeling so much better. I am super excited about the team workouts, they look super fun!

  5. 3+54, still having grip issues so I had to modify with knees to elbows.

    Strength 95 on the push press and got up to 305# on the DL.
    El Chon really pushed me today.